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Crunchyroll Subscribers Get 3 Months of Xbox Game Pass For PC


Crunchyroll announces that it has partnered with Xbox to offer three months of Xbox Game Pass for PC to all of its subscribers.

Crunchyroll announced the deal at the streaming company's Virtual Crunchyroll Expo. All Crunchyroll Premium subscribers, or anyone who signs up for a free trial of the anime streaming service during the promo period, will be given three months of access to Microsoft's on-demand gaming subscription.



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Sabotaged by Microsoft's secret division. :lollipop_tears_of_joy:

Controlling both Funimation and Crunchyroll means one thing in the context of anime streaming services in the US, but taken with all the other things Crunchyroll does, like manga publishing and anime conventions, and the international anime companies Sony already purchased in Australia and France, the company could have a huge amount of control over the entire industry.
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Western anime distribution is a bit of a joke at the moment in terms of competition. I think Netflix's investment might help out Sony here but not sure what the split looks like.
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