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Cyberpunk 2077: Samurai Edition (Up: 4chan rumour appears to be discredited)


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Coming from 4Chan so don't take this as any confirmation.


  • Cyberpunk next gen/patch 1.5 will be treated as a soft relaunch for the game. Game will be renamed Cyberpunk 2077: Samurai Edition
  • CDPR will do a big livestream around February to reveal the patch, the Cyberpunk anime and the first expansion
  • New patch features: barbershops, a garage, improved AI, transmog system, a complete rebalancing of the loot system, new UI
  • The promised free DLC will be bundled in and includes 4 new weapons, new game plus, apartment customization, new gigs
  • Tons of small stuff like Judy and Panam sending you more text messages during the course of the game
  • First expansion takes place in Pacifica which is actually quite huge
  • You walk around and do quests in what is called the "combat zone"
  • The combat zone is being fought over by two new gangs: The Bozos (violent clown psychopaths with a sick sense of humour) and a gang called Slaughterhouse (violent psychopath fascists)
  • Walking around the combat zone feels very inspired by the game S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
  • Cyberpunk will get it's own Gwent-like mini game, it involves going to cyberspace and controlling and collecting monster which you can send to JRPG like battles, also has multiplayer
  • One of the monsters looks like the reaper, another one I saw looks like an Oni
  • The Cyberpunk anime called Cyberpunk 2077: Edgerunners is made by Studio Trigger with writing and story made by CDPR themselves. It looks absolutely insane. Beautiful 2D animation that reminds me of Akira.
  • Another expansion is in early stages of planning but will only be released if the first expansion is a success

By Reddit and 4Chan


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Sounds good, but I'll believe it when I see it. All I need for Cyberpunk to be playable is for them to get rid of the ridiculous pop-in of NPCs. They pop-in right in front of your face. I still have that issue on my XSX and until that remains I won't touch the game. Completely game breaking for me.
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Would definitely give another change. The main story was great, didn't finish because of weird bugs wouldn't let me progress . Fingers crossed
Even if none of this will end being true, it's generally assumed that the game itself was not abandoned and quietly being worked on, so that can later it can be presented as the game that was supposed to come out originally. CDPR is not one of those companies that can sweep the controversy under the rug and pretend like nothing happened, correction, they can, but then they wouldn't be the company that people put their hopes in, it would be foolish to throw such reputation that was built on just 1 IP in the trash can. This "news" gives me yet another reason to play "Cyberpunk 2077" again, but I think that I should wait until the full vision of the game is out there in the open.
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rumor sounds made up but can't really say why, since none of the things listed is technically impossible

i mean, if they give me a free expansion and make the game better i can't really complain as a day one adopter, but i don't know if these things would be enough to make me play the gam again,since none f those seem to address the real issues of the game.
They've a long ass road ahead to scrape back some of that good will that pissed away on this. Yes, it's great they're continuing to work to make this better than the steaming pile it released in. Is it enough, though? Was this enough of a hit that they don't pull this crap again. Stories like the already mentioned NMK and FF14 show people willing to to turn a blind eye to half baked releases if they eventually fix it later making it likely we'll just keep seeing it in the future.


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Read this earlier. I swerved off and haven't been back as I feel the next gen patch will help immensely. Not sure on the combat zone or the jrpg mini game tbh


If they actually do pull off a miracle and make it the tour de force that was promised I doubt they could ever wash away the stink of the first impressions. If they delayed it people have forgiven the delays if it came out well.


Only £14.99 in the UK on the Epic Store, with their £10 of coupons. I shall "risk" it at that price.
At this point its not about being cheap. I was willing to wait so much now it has became one of those buy cheap and never install it games.
Elden Ring will last me good 3 months, I am slow and there's just too many games.


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What the fuck does this even mean, anyway? How is Cyberpunk even remotely comparable to STALKER?

So random.
It's just that Stalker do it first and do it best, open world sucks since it went mainstream, because no game ever did "living breathing world" better than Stalker. I know what they meant, but I don't think this is even remotely possible to do it in town. Out there in the wild, sure, but still it's small part of the map.
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