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Dauntless Developer Working On New Multiplayer F2P Shooter IP

Don Carlo

VeryAliGaming: we came across a recent job listing on the Phoenix Labs website for the Lead Marketing Manager position at the company's Vancouver, British Columbia studio in Canada, the description for which reads, "Phoenix Labs is seeking a highly capable Lead Marketing Manager to join our marketing team to shape and establish an exciting new IP in the shooter space."

Furthermore, one of the responsibilities for the candidate mentions a contribution "to the strategic development of a live ops plan in close partnership with the development team," which suggests that the unannounced new IP will be a multiplayer one.


"mobile, console and PC publishing experience," which means that the unannounced new IP from Phoenix Labs will be available across all three platforms, like Dauntless. Another one of the requirements for the job listing states an "experience with F2P business model and monetization strategies." So, like Dauntless, this unannounced new IP will also be free-to-play.


However, this isn't all. It seems like Phoenix Labs is also focused on the competitive aspect of this unannounced new multiplayer shooter IP, as one of the preferences for the job listing is "experience with eSports tournaments and communities."

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