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Dave Chappelle: Sticks and Stones | Out Now on Netflix



Not long after making his Broadway debut, Dave Chappelle is returning to Netflix with the premiere of his latest stand-up special very soon — we’re talking less-than-two-weeks-from-now soon. The streaming network announced today that Chappelle’s new special, Sticks & Stones, will drop on Monday, August 26. It marks Chappelle’s fifth Netflix special so far, following Deep in the Heart of Texas andThe Age of Spin in early 2017 and Equanimityand The Bird Revelation, which were released on New Year’s Eve at the end of that same year.



looking forward to this. can't wait.

Dave is legit woke, like his parents are professors and stuff who were politically active, Pete Seeger was regular visitor to the family house, etc. he just is not a crazy SJW who attacks others. he's more old school woke like Richard Pryor or George Carlin.

tbh if you are a fan of Chapelle at this point in time and think he is doing "forced liberal" you must be entirely clueless on this man. i recommend reading an interview with him.
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i think dave has a film crew at all his shows that videotape his performance. this is all possible since he bans the audience from bringing in their cellphones.


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Chappelle is no question, a genius, savvy comedian and creates something out of nothing. I admire his roots, and standing tall from the culture he emerged from and nobody should be trigger by his material BECAUSE it's comedy.


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I only liked Charlie Murphy and Ashy Larry from his show. Sad those two never became as big as Dave.
I think I was in middle school when this came out. Or high school.




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Sounds good to me!

Watch the epilogue after...

There’s a part where he said he was nervous with trans jokes because there was a transgender person in the crowd, but she was laughing at everything, jokes about others, in tears and having a great time. So when he did the jokes she was laughing more and then they talked backstage 1 on 1, and she thanked him for the jokes because she said, "the fact that you’re making jokes means you’re normalizing us."

The shit these fools don’t understand.
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God is back. I still cannot believe I got to see him live.

Wife and I saw him about 4 years ago? Can't remember now. Paid $200 a ticket, 3rd row from the front. Opening night.

I don't wanna say he bombed but it wasn't great. Had some friends see him a day or two later and said he killed so maybe his opening night he was trying to find his groove or something. Really turned me off from seeing him live again.

Haven't watched this special yet. Saw his other 2 Netflix ones and they're not bad.


Just finished it, I really enjoyed the special. If you are offended by any jokes you are such an idiot and just too sensitive. Cancel culture sjw need to stop trying to control the world around them, and we need more people like Dave to speak up.


Props to Chapelle. I think he’s big enough to withstand it, but he’s taking a serious risk saying this shit, both in current year and at the level he’s at in the entertainment industry.

As a result, the show was also fantastic. This is what pure, unfiltered comedy and personality looks like. It cut every which way with no favorites, and was undeniably Dave, nobody else’s influence, no dancing around PC.

A great watch for anyone who’s tuned out of modern ‘comedy’ and on-stage hot takes as much as I have.

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Absolute gold. His first specials didn't really feel like he was back at his peak, but man this fucking blew me away. I was in tears for most of it.
Thought it was a great watch, that hour flew by.

Will rewatch as brain not used to awesome unfiltered comedy anymore.

The jokes about that French actor & the home alone kid were 🤣. The lgbt car ride sounded like a great sketch also.

They'll never catch Dave.


I'm 7 minutes in and I have lost it already a couple of times. Genius. THAT'S YOU!!!
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Great special and the epilogue really should've been the prologue because that is also gold standard.
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