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Deep Rock Galactic - Season 02 Trailer


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Hello, Miners!

The Season 02 Narrated Trailer will be revealed on Wednesday April 13 at 7pm CET (5pm UTC). Expect more than 6 minutes of footage from Season 02 with Mission Control guiding you through all the juicy content: new Rival warning, new secondary weapons, new mission event, new major enemy (the Nemesis!), new DLC, new free Performance Pass and cosmetic tree, new shop-friendly mineral, and much more!

Season 02 and the new DLC will be released on Steam on April 28th and on Xbox/GamePass + PlayStation on May 5th. And on April 19th (or maybe April 20th), we will release an early version (filled with bugs) on the Experimental Branch on Steam.

If you are still playing Season 01 and have yet to finish the Performance Pass, then fear not: Everything not claimed will go into the existing systems like cargo crates, lost packs, matrix cores and the shop. Though, take note, that any Season 01 Scrip not spent will be lost.

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Really cool they are still supporting this game. Been a hot minute since I last played but looks like it's still going strong on PC at least.


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It's funny that they have gone the battle pass route... not because they charge for it, the entire pass is free there is no paid tier. But because when the pass ends all the goods are put into the game to earn via regular means anyway so no FOMO, just play the game, get rewarded.

Why even have a pass at all? Is it because they want to make fun of other battle passes you have to pay for? 🤔

Solid game and the new secondary weapons are all intresting, the Drillers new Microwave gun being the highlight for me.
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