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[DF] Nintendo Switch OLED Model Review: A Brilliant Display Upgrade - But Is That Enough?


My impressions:

A note on the battery life by Switch hardware model.

  • OLED 2021 Switch: Approximately a 15% decrease per hour.
  • “Red Box” August 2019 Switch: Approximately a 20% decrease per hour.
  • Original launch 2017 Switch: Approximately a 34% decrease per hour.


After some more testing, I can confirm that my OLED Switch has a strong yellow tint on the screen. I thought we would not suffer this with OLED panels, I was wrong. Yellow tint lottery is definitely there, and if you don't like this, the best solution is to check for used models and ask for pictures of the screen when turned on...


So now that people are getting them any more on thoughts on whether or not the dock is still prone to scratching the screen?
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