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Diablo IV | Review Thread

What score do you think Diablo IV will get?

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I got mine through affirm and paid it off over time. Its all paid off now though. I wanted to get into high end pc gaming for years, ive been a console guy for the last 30. I made enough to comfortably make the monthly payments, so i figured why not. But i didnt drop 5k all at once
Ah nice. Didn't realise such a niche service existed.


I have 3 friends who upgraded after seeing reviews to play it early. I think the servers will be crowded from the get go. None of them played the betas.
Preload done, drivers updated. Now just a couple more days of work and off on Friday. Gonna need a large pot of coffee that morning to keep me going through the day I think!


D2 is one of my favourite games of all time. Its hard to trust reviews on games like this, D3 also had amazing reviews... so i don't know. Lets hope they are right this time. My major concern is itemization and how fun will be hunting those items in the end game.

Yep, in the same boat.

D3 was a pile of shit. I'm just going to wait it out and let the dust settles. I will see what people who like D2 but dislike D3 are saying after a couple of weeks, because I know what type of Diablo experience I want vs what I don't want.


So decided to preload the game this morning... ~74gb sound about right for series x version? I've been reading 89gb. Not seeing a version of the game with X|S showing on the tile.


I love how they only advertise early access for ultimate edition both on bnet and twitter. They will get some unaware people with that shit thats for sure
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Bitmap Frogs

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its on their webpage too, but on twitter and in the bnet client banner it only says ultimate. Deluxe still has early access but they only pushing for ultimate in those AD tweets and banners. Wonder why :p

pfew i actually got a day off for this friday


Why does a game like this have 'crowded servers'? Isn't it mostly singleplayer?
Unfortunately no, you now have other players running around killing all the mobs you need. Think of WoW when an expansion comes out, and how its a race to kill mobs, its like that. Luckily the dungeon areas are instanced so you can still grind gear without having to worry about XxSn1peZxX spam aoe'ing everything in sight before you can get there.


IGN review mentioned they had it happen to them during the review period.
Pretty sure one of the video reviews I watched mentioned that Blizzard was testing the servers and had told them they might experience latency issues.

Edit: Yup, Fextralife mentions it at 12:45
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Well, 10 hours to go until it's live here in Japan. Fingers crossed with the servers, annoyed Blizzard didn't allow for offline single player but let's see how it goes. Street Fighter 6 live in 2 hours, got that preloaded too, I fear for my sleep these next couple of months 😂😂😂
Lol, how do they justify that?
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