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Did Anyone Else Try Disney Dreamlight Valley (Animal Crossing-Like) Today?


I wasn't expecting much from this game, but I bought it for $29.99 on the Switch and am impressed by what I have seen thus far.

The early access release ($29.99) was today (Switch, Xbox, Sony, PC) and the full free-to-play release is early in the new year.

It is similar to Animal Crossing in terms of it being a life sim with crafting and the heavy use of fishing, farming, cooking, digging and other resource gathering. There appears to be a lot of content (unlocking characters and gameplay missions) based on various Disney characters and you unlock items in the game by progressing in your relationship with characters like Mickey Mouse, Goofy, etc., somewhat similar to the villagers in Animal Crossing.

There is a ton of customization in the game in terms of being able to customize clothing, the interiors of houses, and even the placement of buildings and items on the map with a ton of Disney themed furniture and the like.

Interestingly, the business model/microtransactions in the game appear to be based solely around getting players to pay for access to the game's season pass (which some people were saying is $10 a month). Each season pass will contain a mix of free-to-play Disney clothing and furniture and premium outfits and furniture that are only available to premium subscribers. While this isn't in any way compelling for me, I could see Disney fans/completionists dropping this kind of cash to get all of the items. It's not quite as bad as the Simpson's mobile game with this paywall for in-game items, but it is a formidable paywall for players who want everything.

Has anyone else tried it?


I watched a playthrough and it did look pretty chill but I don't care for much Disney post lilo & stitch so I'm not sure how much of it I'd actually enjoy.


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Huge Disney fan (especially pre 2000) and huge Animal Crossing fan (700+ hours on New Horizon) and I fell in love with DreamLight right away.
I played for a few hours after work last night and it definitely feels like a mix between Animal Crossing and Fortnite. Something that eventually happened with Animal Crossing, is there was no further progression after a certain point. The idea of a battle pass setup, means that the game will always have something moving the game further. Hopefully, it doesn’t hit a hard paywall in order to progress, which is what makes Fortnite successful.


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This game is great. It scratches an itch that only Animal Crossing has in the past.

I’m playing it on the Xbox series X. With the latest update, it runs at a smooth 60fps. It’s funny how at times, the game looks very good. There’s always something you can be doing.

My wife is hooked as well. I’ll be playing either on the tv or on my backbone (Xbox remote play) and she’ll be playing on the switch. She’s not a gamer. But this game has consumed her.


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It’s kind of crazy how much this game has taken off with streamers and YouTube content. I’m right there in the middle of casual and core gamer. I can lose myself in my 6th run in Elden Ring just as simple as firing up this game and completing some villager quests.
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