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Digital Foundry: Hogwarts Legacy Last-Gen - PS4/PS4 Pro/Xbox One/One X


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noone says that. but anyone claiming to know why one or the other has differences of any kind is full of shit 🤷

there are games that load faster on SX than on PS5... under what logic should that ever be able to happen? it shouldn't right? but it does...

so people being wannabe experts in these threads as to why one version is running worse or uses different settings are just talking out of their asses.

when the reasons are obvious, sure go ahead, but there are some idiots on these threads all the time that try to act like they know why one version runs at a lower resolution, or why effect xyz is lower quality in one version compared to the other.
when in reality the reason could be anything from API issues, to genuine hardware limitations, all the way to developers simply not noticing issues/discrepancies during development.
and this all is even more true in the current landscape of every game launching unfinished.
No shit, performance will trade blows depending on what devs are leveraging in each box. But this game isn't a testament to what goes on with the PS5 or XSX you tried pointing towards in the other 12TF thread.

This is not the correlation you are trying to draw parallels to.

The PS5 and XSX are closest competing machines have ever been to one another. And as devs said prior, they will trade blows depending on what strengths and weaknesses are leveraged in said engine pipelines.


So the One X has hardware issues?

One X absolutely destroys the PS4 pro in specs yet it's falling behind here. Dev's need a kick up the ass.
It doesn't when games are designed around FP16 and Rapid pack maths and extensively use async compute, which this game clearly does, and they are all weak areas for the X1X because it doesn't support FP16 and RPM to double its FLOPs count like PS4/Pro do, and all the last-gen Xboxes have limited async compute capabilities by having so few Async Engines compared to PS4 and Pro.

The X1X version will be using FP32 assets like Nvidia PC cards have to, which in turn is more data to decompress, leading to longer loading times.

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It does feel like one is trying to argue these comparison into a corner where one box (PS5 vs XSX) should never ever lose, no matter the rendering strengths and weaknesses of varying engine pipelines.
Talking points are being readjusted almost monthly now. You have to remember that a lot of things were spread around before launch in 2020 and I’m not talking about Corona virus.
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720p and 30FPS in 2023

Jesus fecking christ

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