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Dirt Devils; a deep cut Sega arcade racing game in the mold of Sega Rally; and other examples of "deep cuts from same genre / dev"


When you think Sega and racing games you probably think Daytona USA, Scud Race, OutRun and Sega Rally...but they had a whole host of other racing games that just didn't end up being as successful as those big marquee titles like I just mentioned. But that doesn't mean the "also ran" games in the same genre from the same developers weren't also amazing...it just means they ended up as deeper cut status.

Think Square and SNES; for every Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy there is also a Bahamut Lagoon; a game just as interesting and intriguing as the top tier titles everyone loved and remembered...but just without the cultural cache of the other titles.

But Dirt Devils is legit arcade retro gaming fun; super exaggerated arcade physics, solid courses, those sweet sweet Model 3 graphics...everything you'd want in an arcade racing game and sadly it was just overshadowed by the Sega Rally series.

But that got me thinking GAF...what other games are "as good as X" and just didn't get the attention they deserved. Could be from the same dev...or diff devs in the same genre. I'd be curious as I think we all learn about some awesome new games to play that way

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