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Do you think the Yakuza series is still underappreciated?


Sega has been trying to make Yakuza happen in the west for a few years now and I heard a lot of good things from people who imported those games way before they became popular here.
I started the series with Yakuza 0 and was honestly surprised at how good the story and story telling was. How detailed the world is, how many side activities there are and the gameplay was alright, not stellar, but serviceable.

After that I didnt play another one, since it seemed daunting with 6 more games in the series, but Like a Dragon was a good jumping of point. And boy oh boy was that a good game. Didnt even expect it. But the creativity, the world building, characters and story were all so amazing. It really leaves you with the feeling of having had a great adventure with a bunch of friends (that arent 13 year old androgyny characters). The mix of humor and seriousness, the motives and morale, its all amazingly done. One of the best games I played in recent memories.
So now I have played through Yakuza 6 (after watching a brief summary of what happened before) and jesus. This is getting better and better. I actually really enjoyed the streamlined combat this time around. Story and characters as amazing as always and the fact that you can beat it with 20-25 hours makes the pacing sooo much better.
Its one of those games were you sit on the ending credits and dont want to move on because youre still in this world, youre still with these characters and you dont want it to end. Honestly, while playing it, I was thinking "thats why I play games". It just makes you feel things and immerses you fully.

I know, if you dont like watching cutscenes its not for you, buy I grew up on Final Fantasy and Metal Gear games, so I'm fine.

How was your first Yakuza experience? Do you still want more? And do you think more people should play these games?

Personally, I cant wait for the next RPG one. Its gonna be the first one I buy in release.

Oh yeah also, they are on gamepass right now, though I dont know for how long.
I was lucky enough to experience "Yakuza 0" while it was available on xCloud, it was a stellar experience for someone who never played these type of games. Right now I wish I could continue playing the entire series in order, but half of all the "Yakuza" games are no longer available on PC Game Pass, I will have to switch to "Yakuza: Like a Dragon" instead since it's still available on xCloud.


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For a moment I thought it was another thread by this dude

I beat Yakuza 0 around Christmas

It’s the only Yakuza game I’ve played

Gameplay was whatever but the story was unbelievably good. One of the best stories I’ve ever encountered in a game, if not the best. The storytelling was just on a different level. Usually I start to tune out long cut scenes but I found myself holding my breath or sitting on the edge of my couch during them. Insanely good.

The goofy, ridiculous side content is also a blast. Nice way to mix things up and change the pacing/chill out when needed, as the game can get pretty intense.
I tried Yakuza 0 on Gamepass and I've been buying all RGG Studio games since.

The last handful of RGG games have each been selling more and more as they release IIRC so the growth is great to see.
They are not underappreciated anymore. Even Angry Joe reviewed Zero. Myself, I'm up to 3 Remastered. There's so damn many games + spinoffs

The Shepard

Don't forget judgement, may not have yakuza in the title but it's 100% a yakuza game. The new one (lost judgement) is influenced by what happened in like a dragon.

I only started the yakuza series last gen with kiwami, but I've played and completed all the available ones from the ps4 onwards. One of my fave series now and will buy every new entry.
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Thanks to game pass, I played Yakuza 0, a couple hours in and I was close to dropping it, then it kinda just clicked for me and I loved it.

I have since purchased Yakuza 0, kiwami 1 & 2 and beat them.

Purchased Yakuza like a dragon day one & got all but 1 acheivement.

& Purchased and finished both judgment games.

I have since purchased Yakuza 6 for £3.95 digital, what I'll get round too after watching a recap for 3-5 sometime.

Can't wait for the next Yakuza game though, Ichiban is amazing :D
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For as much as I hate "movie games" I must say I love Yakuza games. I think it has to do with the pacing, which is left for the player to be as they like, as the game gives you all the freedom of choosing what to do next, be it rush through the story, doing some side missions or just losing the next 3 hours on a cabaret management mini game.

For me I just love those games. Started a few years ago when 0 cane out, but it didn't fully grabbed me back then, guess I wasn't in tge mood. Gave it another chance when Like a Dragon came out and so far I've beaten that one and also 0, kiwami 1 and 2, 3 and 4. Games are amazing and I hooe they keep making them because there's nothing like this out there.

Its overrated now and the games aren't as good anymore.
I mean it's cool having opinions and all of that, but dude are you wrong.



I'm playing Judgment and loving it. Already finished the main story and now finishing side cases/friend events. Clocked almos 60 hours.

There are too many Yakuza games and I don't feel like playing through 0-6 to follow the complete story. Just Judgment is enough for me.


Yeah, almost all of them are great and usually my GOTY.

There is just so much charm about them. At the same time the stories and characters are very engaging. I love the slow pace of the story. But then you're running around delivering pizzas, or chasing some online bully. Or I sink hours into Motor Raid and gambling.

Lost Judgment was my GOTY because the world is so immersive, the story was awesome, the fighting was fun. I've yet to finally play 4 and 5 which are on GP. But i'd rather seem them remade in the new engine.


I think 0 really helped it blow up in the west, add to it the remasters and ports that make it easier than ever to get into the franchise and I think it's finally getting the appreciation it deserves in the west.

I still think it's ultimately a rather niche franchise that not everyone will be into. IMO the stories, characters and the nearly perfect mix of silly with serious is all stellar, but you need to be into that brand of silliness combined with melodramatic drama. The gameplay also has room for improvement as the franchise still struggles with repetition and a bit of jank, even when they try to innovate it's often a case of interesting ideas but lacking execution.

But I'm glad the franchise is now bigger than ever, and hopefully the increase in sales help it stick around for longer and continue to improve/evolve.


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No, it is not underappreciated.
Just sad that RGG studios is past their prime. Yakuza Zero was their last masterpiece.
Their last games (Like a Dragon, VF5US, Kiwami 2, Judgement series) were disappointing.


Something I really learned to appreciate from japanese games in general is the mix of seriousness and weirdness/fun. I'm not saying there needs to be a naked dude in diapers running around in the next Last of Us, but japanese games seem to encompass a wider range of the human spectrum when it comes to evoking emotions. Being always down and serious 0for 20 hours straight really numbs you to whats happening. A sad scene has so much more impact when you had some actual honest to god fun with a character or you crew. It just makes it feel so much more like an actual adventure.

With many western games its usually a comedy, a tragedy or nothing at all (which is most AAA games. For example Assassins' Creed or many other action adventures or shooters. There is a story, but it doesnt evoke any emotion, other than maybe franchise fatigue).


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No, it is not underappreciated.
Just sad that RGG studios is past their prime. Yakuza Zero was their last masterpiece.
Their last games (Like a Dragon, VF5US, Kiwami 2, Judgement series) were disappointing.
0 was their bigger masterpiece but those are hardly disappointing, especially kiwami 2 and 7.

This shit alone is better than some full fledged games

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Big Yakuza fan. I think Yakuza's popularity in the West has increased quite a bit, especially now that you can play these games on PS, XBox, and PC.
Yakuza excels narratively but the combat is terrible, particularly given how long the games are - I definitely felt sick of mashing square at hordes of indistinguishable gangsters by the end of Yakuza 0. The shift to a JRPG combat system might help.
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