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Dune (2021) sequel allegedly tied to HBO Max performance

Will you sub to HBO Max to watch Dune?

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Ulysses 31

I saw someone watch Suicide Squad 2021 on their smartphone. Made me wanna throw up.

Movies are made for the theatre experience. I will NEVER settle for the home theatre experience when it comes to the first-time viewing of a new film. I WILL go out in public regardless of whatever manufactured crisis the government tells me is happening. I WILL get overpriced popcorn, drinks, and a candy. I WILL get annoyed at people in my vicinity checking their phones because its just part of the experience. I WILL hold my piss during the third act of the film because I drank too much.

You can watch Dune in your home or apartment, its a free country, but you are not actually experiencing Denis' film. You are like a soulless golem consuming a bastardized product. May Allah bring death and disaster upon your family.
Having experienced 77/85" OLED and QLED, I'm not settling anymore with soft and muted colours picture quality of(a lot of?) theatres at a possible less than ideal angle. Can't speak for IMAX. My viewing comfort > creator's intent.

Also not having to put up with that Warm2 colour temp is another plus.

Viewing movies on phones is sickening, I agree. :messenger_winking_tongue:
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Is it part of subscription or do you pay extra like for Disney movies ?

I plan to do cinema + 4k BR later
Part of subscription unless they're going to change things. For example, you didn't have to pay extra to watch Mortal Kombat and Suicide Squad.
Wonder Woman 3 was always going to be greenlit. This was just WB posturing at the time claiming it as a win (and I like WW1984). The Suicide Squad? Truth is a lot of people just don't give a shit about James Gunn.

Dune will be big both theatrically and on HBO Max. By the way, Legendary footed the bill on most of the production budget.
2077 is great, but it does take and ending that was left open in the original Blade runner and closes it. I liked the way the original left you to think about the reality of the world and is Deckard a Replicant or not.
Does 2077 have lots of slow scenes? The trailer made seem like one those movies where you’d watch a character do nothing for 20 seconds.
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