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E3 2022 cancelled


thinks Halo Infinite is a new graphical benchmark
Weird excuse to cancel a show, Covid was a real problem for the last three shows this is just quitting.
Went to E3 , 3 different years. It was hype beyond hype. A digital Theme Park.

I remember E3, I miss E3..


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Titanic was called the Ship of Dreams, and it was. It really was.
Well, at least Microsoft will have an event. If they cancel that one I'll be very sad.


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People can say what they want but I miss how a few days out of the year there was a big event where there be a lot of game announcements. We can all gather round on streams and either get excited at big game announcements/trailers, or laugh at whatever stupidity was unfolding. It was always entertaining watching the SuperCut of these conferences afterward. Some of the best gaming memes were born from E3. It was good times and I’ll miss it.
I agree with you, fun times. I was at the office watching the stream in the phone, when Killer Instinct was announced, I was about to scream!
Wait... I am I nuts or was this already known. I thought this was announced back in like January or so and that's why there is this Summer game's showcase taking it's place. If this is true and they are bringing it back in 2023 I am beyond hype.
Big in person cons like this don't make much sense anymore in a 24/7 online news cycle. It only use to be necessary because that was the only way to make big announcements and get all eyes on your upcoming products. Today you can just set any ol' time and date for a stream and people will just show up. More so post covid when even more people have gotten use to it.

Now that's not to say I prefer our current way, in fact I enjoyed it much more when a whole bunch of big announcements gave me a rush of excitement like nothing else.
I know OP is out of date, but I vote for leaving the thread open. It seems there are people who still don't know that Summer Games Fest is the new E3. Can't wait for more confusion in one month amongst posters who haven't logged on in a year.
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