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E3 2022 has been officially canceled



The news broke via a tweet from Razer PR lead Will Powers, who said that an email had been sent out announcing the cancellation of a digital E3 event. IGN has independently verified the contents of the email as well.

The ESA had initially planned for an in-person E3 event this year after having no event in 2020 due to COVID-19 and a digital one in 2021. However, this was canceled in January, with the ESA at the time unable to make a public statement on whether or not there would be a digital equivalent. According to sources speaking to IGN at the time, discussions around E3 had been fraught throughout the year, with third parties normally involved finding the ESA's ongoing silence regarding their plans frustrating.

Sources connected to the event tell IGN that discussions about a possible digital equivalent have been ongoing ever since, but without strong momentum to drive them. Instead, the ESA seems to be making plans to regroup for a larger comeback in 2023.

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Emails were sent out to the press confirming it:

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Sad. End of an era. Now that the bigger companies found a way to reach customers without E3, they wont be willing to pay the exorbitant prices E3 asks for.

And when you're missing half the companies, its probably not worth hosting it anymore.

Mr Moose

It's been kinda shit for a while anyway, companies have been doing their own thing around that time so it doesn't matter if it has an E3 tag on it or not.
What the hell has been going on with E3, first Sony leaves, then there's a data leak, then they wanted to bring a lot more influencers and celebrities and now is fully canceled. What a mess.
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Dammit. I liked last E3 online.

Now, I won't get anymore of those cringe videos.

Farewell, e3. See you next year, if you are alive.


Sad news. I miss the good old days of huge events like E3, TGS, GC etc., where the devs themselves were demonstrating their work with livee hands-on, instead of those single Youtube reveal trailers we get nowadays.
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