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Edge Magazine review scores: Zelda TOTK, Jedi Survivor, Horizon Burning Shores, Redfall


Redfall having the same score and Horizon?!

Season 4 Troll GIF by Living Single


A game where you control a dog guiding people around in some imaginary blocks (Humanity) receiving a better score than Jedi Survivor

Love to see shit like this


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Hahah.... Edgy,tough as nails, overly critical Edge anonymous revierwer gives Redfall a higher score than the Metacritic average.


I don't understand why Benedict Fox gets so bad scores everywhere. From what I played it's IMO good metroidvania, more on adventure games side of genre.


Exposing the sinister cartel of retailers who allow companies to pay for advertising space.
I thought Edge would be unaffected by the Zelda hype and give it a normal review for their standards.

The Edge reviewers are huge Zelda fanboys, They gave Skyward Sword 10/10.


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Then why is meta for horizon higher than 6?

Why is it deserving of a 6?

It’s just a dlc
Burning shores doesnt really do anything to deserve an 8 or a 9. I can see why people might give it a 7 (Good) but I can also see why people might give it a 6 (FAIR) or average.

The boss fight at the end was underwhelming. Shoot weak points. Come on. Thats the best you can do? The romance plot line was forced and the missions were fairly standard horizon fare. Only one new enemy type, mostly annoying and im struggling to see exactly why people would be upset at it getting a 6.

As for redfall, we know Edge has certain biases. We've known this since they gave MGS4 an 8 and certain franchises from other consoles 9s and 10s.


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Boring Shores isnt very good. Frozen Wilds was much better.

You could really tell too, the reviewers really tried their best to stay positive before dedicating the final 3 paragraphs gushing about the new lesbian relationship and how brave and bold it is and slapping the real score +3 onto it.

But not even they could hide the fact it was just meh outside of the new heightened sky box.

Redfall should be lower though...
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