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Elden Ring has the strongest launch of any From Software game in Japan


I also know lots of people playing it on Steam, when the other games (aside from Sekiro) didn't launch on PC.
According to Famitsu, ELDEN RING has sold 188,490 units on PS4 and 90,017 units on PS5 in Japan (total: 278,507) during its first week

Finally a game or a market that illustrates a proper userbase split based on accurate to the discrepancy of the install base.

Most people I know don't have a PS5, and even if they want one they can't find it in stock so I find it strange when 70% of Forbidden West's launch sales are on PS5 on any given specific market.

Now this is more like it. THAT said, this game actually says on the PS4 box that it includes the PS5 version as well so it could mean nothing as well - on Forbidden West such information was quite conspicuously missing.
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