Elder Scrolls VI cured my happiness


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I just wanna start out by saying I'm so grateful to this game and community. Allow me to indulge my entire life story in front of this opportunistically large audience.

When the original announcement trailer came out at E3 2018, I thought "there's no way I could be into this... I can't tell what the story is about, and waiting will be far too difficult." I ignored it and left it alone for several months.

Luckily, I had a friend who was super into waiting for Elder Scrolls VI to and that wouldn't let it go. He kept egging me on to try watching the trailer again, read deeper into the lore, and see what sense of pride and derangement others got from waiting for Elder Scrolls VI. That could be mine, too.

Now I should let you know, before giving the announcement trailer a second try, I was a very well adjusted individual. I had stable relationships, enjoyed vanilla sex, held a steady job, and bathed regularly. Little did I realize what a spiral of chaos I'd enter upon giving the trailer a committed second go.

Upon watching the second time, I immediately I realized I missed a few things the first time. Elder Scrolls VI is a collaboration between JRR Tolkien, Kojima and Todd Howard!?!? Sign me up!! The biggest name in fantasy writing and Japanese cutscene development... no wonder the trailer is so cinematic!

Next I noticed there was a dude with a hammer, and a ring shattering, and uh.. well. Honestly the trailer didn't make that much more sense the second time around, but after getting my friends to watch some parts for me, I finally made it to the end! I watched the trailer!

As I listened to the silence as the lewgend, the myth, the chess man Todd Howard started speaking, I was left in awe. What did I just witness??

After that, I did a deep dive into Elder Scrolls VI It started simple, with interviews and news speculation. However my search for news quickly became an addiction. I started watching the trailer every day. I started reading 4chan leaks. I got a tattoo of all the official news released so far. I lost my ability to distinguish between real and fake lore. I somehow convinced myself that "next time... Elder Scrolls VI will show up at a game show next time...." EVERY SINGLE TIME. I started making daily update twitter posts!

This addiction has utterly destroyed my life. My fiancé broke up with me after I asked her if I could sell pictures of her feet. I lost my job because I was always distracted by Elder Scrolls VI. Now I make my living off of Breton x Dark Elf r34 commissions in my cousin's basement, and I can't remember what sunlight smells like.

It's no overstatement to say waiting for Elder Scrolls VI is responsible for destroying my life, and without it, I would be in a much happier place. Maybe even with a future at all. The rest of my life decisions and situational factors outside of waiting for Elder Scrolls VI played no role at all.

I also wanna give a shoutout to the wooper who invaded one of my posts earlier and left a positive comment and gave me an award! I don't mind those kinds of woopers! It makes me so proud of this community! Cheers

Anyway maybe I'll post some of my art later. I'll be sure to stand in the photo so the attention stays on me instead of Elder Scrolls VI. Very important.

Lastly, any of you guys know any Elder Scrolls VI food recipes? Maybe I can make a Apple Pie out of sweetrolls, and a title card cake with blue icing..

Anyone else want to share their Elder Scrolls VI life stories?
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This one of those account suicide threads? If so good job OP.

Couldn't be arsed reading past the first couple of words.
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I cry about SonyGaf from my chair in Redmond, WA
Me winning the lottery at some point in my life makes me happy and cured my depression.
Elder Scrolls 6 better be very very good. I have fun memories of Morrowind as well as Oblivion. I really like Oblivion's storyline better than Skyrim to be honest.

Let's go and see and wait what happens. Hey what about Avowed, that Pillars of Eternity sequel sort of? Very interesting to see where they take that world.

What sad is that Avowed is probably still many years away like Elder Scrolls 6.

Still, we have no Arx Fatalis sequel and that is sad too.
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Fully agreed, I enjoyed the elder scrolls online very much untill i found out you could interact with other people, went downhill from there
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