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Elite Dangerous: Horizons will be available for free to all owners of the base game


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Frontier announced today a major free update for the long-running space epic, Elite Dangerous. The Horizons expansion will be available for free to all Elite Dangerous owners on October 27th.
Players will receive the complete Horizons experience via a free update to Elite Dangerous on PC. Furthermore, players who previously purchased Horizons will receive an exclusive Azure paint job compatible with all 41 ships currently in game .

Elite Dangerous: Horizons brings planetary landings to the Elite Dangerous galaxy. Additionally, it features weapon crafting, ship-launched fighters and exhilarating multicrew co-op action. This premium expansion also allows players to put wheels on the ground and explore the galaxy up-close with the SRV Scarab ground vehicle. Thus, players can access to many surface star ports and other locations.



Bought it on PS4 earlier in the month... was a bit overwhelmed by the tutorial and piloting and bailed for a bit.

came back to it this weekend... I got a feel on flying and the interfaces and beginning to understand mission structure and the game itself...

I did get stuck in a planets orbital gravity for like an hour and couldnt escape it to go into hyperspace... finally pulled it off tho. And that’s when I was beginning to have everything start to make sense...

I think I’m now hooked. Looking forward to the future of this game and hope next gen versions are on the way.
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This is game is way too time consuming to even get use to. I’ll come back whenever this comes to consoles.


I thought console controls were bad at first. But then learned to swap between standard and alternate controls by clicking L3 and started to get the hang of it.

I think the Horizons update IS free on consoles btw. It says I need it for certain aspects on my game screens but I’m pretty sure the disclaimer I read on the ps store said that horizons bundles are no longer available since the base game features it. So I believe I have it for free on console but possibly gated by progress. I’ll have to look into it further but I think the update is free on console now too.

Does this game has cross-save functions yet?
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They tied the more detailed character creator to dlc... lol. Well, at least that problem is solved now.


Nice game btw

Side note of ps4 pro performance ... low FOV solves jutter
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These lazy fucks won't make custom UI colors work on consoles, I don't care "how hard" it is, PC modders have had it working for eons, I hate the "burn your eyes out" orange they picked, it doesn't feel ergonomic or nice at all.

The game is fun, but fuck these guys for not putting something PC gamers have had for ages into it officially.
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