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Social News Platform Epic Online Services expanded with free anti-cheat and voice chat tools


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman
Dec 1, 2014

Epic Games is expanding its Epic Online Services toolkit with two free services in the form of Easy Anti-Cheat and Voice.

Epic Online Services is suite of free, cross-platform tools that make it easier for developers to launch, operate, and scale their game projects. It was initially developed by Epic for use in Fortnite, but has since been made available free-of-charge to other creators.

The addition of Easy Anti-Cheat will enable developers to combat cheaters in their games and maintain a fair playing field across multiple platforms. The feature can be integrated with Epic Online Services' player sanctions and player reports, and will receive continuous updates as cheats evolve.

Voice, meanwhile, can be used by developers to implement one-to-one or group chat functionalities in their titles, and includes multi-platform support. Voice had previously been integrated and tested in Fortnite, and works by establishing connections between authenticated users and relaying data through the Epic Online Services back-end servers.

"These new free tools will further establish Epic Online Services as an industry-leader in backend services for game developers," commented Epic Games in a press release. "Operating voice communications and anti-cheat in a popular online game can cost millions of dollars. By offering these online services to everyone for free, Epic aims to empower more developers to build cross-platform games, connect their player communities, and grow the games industry."
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Sep 4, 2014
the FPS in this trailer are as high as the chances of me going on their store and buy something in the next 5 years.


Jun 7, 2021
This company developed unreal engine 5 and still can't provide a store interface better than steam.....I m out of words