Euro / Greek GAF - where can I go on vacation?

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I very rarely travel. I'm quite a homely kinda dude, with a 4 year old daughter and a wife in desperate need of a real vacation somewhere quiet and warm.

I love the look of the Greek islands. Me and the missus love greek food. The beaches look incredible too.

What I don't want is clubs, british tourists getting drunk as fuck.

I need a quiet, beautiful harbour or some shit where I can sit my ass down and enjoy some amazing food while my wife and kid play on the beach. Maybe an old-town and some greek ruins to explore on the odd day we feel like it. And I want to see trees, countryside and mountains gandalf. The Greek islands just look like our jam, though we have no idea where to start.

What say you, GAF?


You're gonna hear Portugal a lot. If you don't mind going to more interior regions instead of the most key and famous ones, I would definetely recommended it.

I'm Portuguese myself and I'm going to tell before hand to avoid Lisbon and Algarve. Insanely packed with tourists at moment. Both locations are unbearable of you ask me.
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Turkey maybe. I don’t know what kind of resorts they have.

I was in Croatia around the Dalmatia coast a few years ago. Lovely and warm. I was not in a resort.


Just stay away from the popular destinations like Mykonos, Santorini and shit like that and you should be fine.
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