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Everything Everywhere All At Once joins my list as an all time favorite

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I don't know why I waited so long to finally watch this movie, but I got around to it a couple nights ago. Since then I've watched another 2 times, and I was able to catch more each time I watched it.

I'm one of those movie goers who appreciates a good summer blockbuster when it's well made, but I also appreciate a good thought provoking movie, but not too artsy fartsy either. I felt like this was a beautiful blend of things I love about movies, to tell an deeply moving story, but in an interesting way.

It's already been said a million times, but this movie also opened my eyes to just how fantastic Michelle Yeoh is. I've seen her in so many movies, as so many side characters over the years, and this film really gave her a chance to shine. I feel like even I didn't appreciate what a talent she was before seeing this. Both showing off her acting ability, and her stunt ability. While she is the stand out, the whole cast is great. Ke Huy Quan is so likeable and charming as her husband, and even the younger Stephanie Hsu is good. Jamie Lee Curtis is always a treat when she is given a good role too.

I can not recommend this movie enough if you haven't seen it yet. It was both beautiful, and a joy to watch. It's one of those movies that even though the first time I watched it was on a streaming service, I went out and bought the UHD blu-ray. Happy to have it on my shelf now to watch again, or show to someone.


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I enjoyed this movie more because of how average looking all the actors are. It was like everything was over the top except for them, which was oddly refreshing. The acting was good too. I’m not sure if I would go through another watch myself, but it was solid


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It blew away all my expectations (none going in) when I first watched this in IMAX when it premiered here.

I recently watched this again on Prime Video, but it was not as good as my first showing. I hope it somehow wins the Oscar for best picture though. Lol


It was surprisingly moving and the action sequences were fantastic. Definitely lived up to the hype. I went on a 2022 movie binge, watching 40+ films from last year. I rated it #2 behind After Yang and in front Terrifier 2.


I don’t often say this but I thought it was way overhyped. I only say this because of how many “literally the best movie ever” shouts it got.

It was good, but very messy and irritating to watch. It’s one of the most creative films I’ve ever seen, and the acting was excellent, but it annoyed me with how hyperactive it was, needed to take a break halfway through.

I dunno, it’s like a 7/10 for me.


Some truly great scenes and ideas but narratively it lost it's steam towards the end. Probably because the middle part was so insane. Nevertheless I really liked the theme and I think the structure supported the theme very well even though it didn't quite work structurally. A bit like Tsehov's Three Sisters which is about boredom of high class people and it does that by being actually boring. So theme=structure but while that's amazing technically, I'm not sure it always works for the audience.

At least it was very different from everything I've seen in a long time. So kudos for that.


I went in blind on some recommendations and I absolutely enjoyed it.
I won’t rush out to watch it again anytime soon but I understand why some would.


I think I need to give it another watch. I enjoyed it and want to like it a lot more but sometimes it was SOOOO quirky and it went a little too long at the end.

8/10 movie for me. Still great


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Everything Everywhere All at Once and Maverick are two movies that demonstrate that you can have a movie that's esoteric AF or a movie that's cliche AF, but they'll still be good movies as long as the acting, writing, directing, and editing are also good. Fundamentals count. Superfluous addons do not.


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I didn't like it.

Too much carry on in it. It was trying to be funny but just wasn't. I really tried to get to the end but gave up about 3/4 into it. Started losing attention about half way in.


It's joins my list of extremely overrated movies because of *insert agenda*..

It was totally a watchable movie and at times fun. But it wasn't anything special.

It wasnt this mind altering incredible fantastic super experience that deserves all the oscars 🤣

Hote take... bullet train was better 🤷‍♂️
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