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Evil West - Gameplay Reveal Trailer


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Focus Entertainment and Flying Wild Hog are delighted to unleash the Gameplay Reveal Trailer of Evil West, the dark fantasy, Weird West, third-person action game, premiered at The Game Awards 2021.

Get a thunder-packed uppercut of adrenaline in today’s trailer with fast-paced and visceral third-person combat. Paint your lightning-fueled gauntlet with monster blood using brutal combos as you blast your way through various weird west locations. Face hulking abominations, screeching monstrosities, and ancient vampires and ram them all back to hell one piece at a time in spectacular boss fights and encounters.

Evil West releases in 2022 on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.
I think they've been influenced by GOW 2018.

Needs more speed. The way he looks and sounds feels like he'd be more agile than what's on display here. Heck, just rewatched it at 1.25x speed and it feels much better, with perhaps the electric lasso slam being too fast; I reckon a 15-20% increase would be the sweet spot range.

Interestingly enough there is zero developer-induced slo-mo to be seen, game might just be a unicorn in this day and age.


ohhhh yea, I completely forgot this game. This was that game at the reveal last year where we all thought it was the sequel to that one dark western PS2 game lol

I forgot the name already lol

edit. It was Darkwatch.

Plantoid Plantoid I'm not surprised. Don't you know? NeoGaf is only for the hot takes, measuring chin sizes and such lol Soon enough, they will find something to complain about with it.
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I like it. I wonder if it is structured with ability gates or more level based.

be cool if it was the buzzword of mashed together games that is actually a genre.

world needs more of that.

like Darsiders.


Yeah can't wait for this (even if I'm getting light Outridersey vibes though).

Anyway Flying Wild Hog have quickly become one of my favourite devs. They still make 'classic' games, if that makes sense, which I'm all for.
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Looks sweet. Kind of souls-y with that deliberate combat pace and the dodging and whatnot. And it was really nice to see what looked like gameplay.

I'm just glad it's coming from a dev with a good track record. It's always sad when you see a setting/concept with potential wasted through meh gameplay.


I love when the Old West gets combined with horror, lovecraft, monster type stuff, so this game should be right up my alley. Hopefully it ends up as good as this gameplay.
True, but The Order had 200% better graphics and atmosphere.

GIF by Chelsea Handler

Sooo ?

Your comparison made me laugh...Sorry!

The proposal of the two games are completely different, also the atmosphere of the games are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

For an action packed game, the atmosphere looks great. And the game is not even out yet...

Now let's compare the atmosphere of Mario64 with TLOU2!
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