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Explorijg the complications of ps5s variable clocks and 36 CU gpu configuration.

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Like the other thread, I wanted to make a thread for those with experience to discuss the potential complications of developing for Sonys ps5.

How does the variable clocks affect performance, and the choice of going with more RDNA 1 features?

Plus looking at the choice to go with a slimmer gpu of 36 CUs we can see this have a negative affect on resolution, providing a trickier environment to reach higher resolutions such as the advertised 4k target. Saying this, going with such a high clock speed was a genius one and is paying off in droves. While the resolution is lower than targeted, the framerate is high. Which I personally think is the most important factor.

When we look at it right now, I think it was a lot of luck and also clever move by Sony. We have only really seen last gen games almost 3 years into the generation and ps5 is putting out some really impressive results on those titles.

As, we have only really seen a tiny sample size of truly next gen games, titles such as plagues tale that have shown the ps5 to struggle with keeping up with next gen heavy content. What do those with a technical background think we will see going forward as more titles release.

I personally think the ps5 will be perfect for this gen, as by the time developers are up to speed in anything next gen the ps6 will be here and will encorperate the tech required to push such gaming experiences.


Mods can you please change to exploring in title lol...stupid ipad.
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So, you saw a thread discussing your favorite console in a not so favorable light (mind you that quite a few comments there mentioned that both consoles have strength and weaknesses) and decided to make a complete parody without any of the actual discussion or data provided there? Take a break man, you're way too emotionally invested in this if you see a discussion and feel like you must respond this way.
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