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Far Cry 6 Review Embargo Revealed

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We recieved an email that Far Cry 6 reviews are going be live on October 6th. Stay tuned!

We will post ours once the time comes. (No we haven't touched the game yet.) prior launch keys will be in soon.

Time to guess the score everyone! Sound off.
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6.9/10 or 9/10 depending on who has been bribed with a free limited edition Farcry 6 gaming chair.

Bribing Season 3 GIF by NETFLIX


I base my purchases now on [DF] NeoGaf performance comments.

I'm nervous for this one. No RT on consoles , it's going to be a spicy thread.


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I am at the point where I give zero fucks about reviews for long running franchises like CoD, Far Cry, AssCreed, Fast and Furious etc. You know exactly what you get as a base level and then it comes down to for me whether the games setting or hook looks appealing that year.

With movie franchises like Vin Diesels family cruise, I am gonna watch every new movie anyway cause I love the series, no matter what critics say.


Far Cry 2 is the best one for me. Now is just prettier but everything else sucks. Go watch the Far Cry 2 vs Far Cry 5 if you want to see the differences.


Say what you want but I like Ubisoft games, they're packed with content, I'm playing immortal fenyx Rising and it's incredible, 21hours in and I have 3 regions left yet... (5 total)

Buuuuut, far cry 5 was somewhat bad, so I'm guessing 8...


I think if you liked the previous Far Cry games, you'll like Far Cry 6.


They make a solid series and always do pretty good work. I think people just exaggerate a lot of hate. I don't think people REALLY know what bad actually is, I don't play that much of the series myself these days, but from what I've seen, they are a far cry from WORST game ever.

I like that they are going to different locations, trying new things and giving the fans what they want in terms of classic Far Cry sandbox shit lol Won't be a day 1 for me as I'm just too busy these days, but I'll for sure pick it up later next year.

They are not day 1s for me (most games are not for me tbh), but its a safe buy for sure. I'll only not buy if the reviews are like.....unplayable bad aka CP2077 bad (worst day 1 purchase easily lol)


Ubisoft games are never terrible, not amazing either.

Agreed. I'd say personally an 8.5/10 lol I don't really know of a game by this publisher recently I'd ever give a 10/10, but I've seen that score thrown around for much worse titles that are barely functional. Maybe its just me, maybe we are so use to just expecting a 7 or 8 out of 10 title that we don't see it as "amazing", maybe that amazing part is that they are extremely consistent. That has to count for something with titles coming out damn near unplayable. I try not to be as harsh on this publisher when I realize some of my worst experiences last gen, have not been with Ubisoft but.....other teams and publishers.

I'd say they might be the most solid 3rd party publisher in gaming. Consistent, strong quality, timely releases etc. I try my best not to make it a personal thing simply cause I like other titles more, they put out strong titles of games that work, look great etc. I say again...it must count for something in a sea of releases that over promise and give you broken games. This isn't a day 1 for me, but its a buy down the road because of that trust that we are getting a working game with solid design.

Far Cry 2 was the last good one.

Is a gem, but after playing 4 and 5 a year or so back, they have had many good ones. I like the concept of 2 a lot, but I can never say it was the last good one, the rest are pretty solid.


Have 5 but will never play it being only 30fps. So won’t be jumping onto 6 just for 60.

Give us 60 on the bc games and a natural follow on will continue!
The 30fps movement is really janky on 5 too! Some games are fine but you really notice it on 5.


85 on Open Critic is my prediction.

Far Cry 5 is an 83 and with a voiced protagonist being back in the series, full fledged third person cut scenes and being able to walk around your home base in third person along with all the core stuff, it should be an easy 85 minimum.
I didn’t like the mystical stuff in 5 (or whatever that was) but I loved the cult stuff.

Game itself was very average though. Waiting for reviews on this, and a deep sale (so about a week after launch given it’s Ubisoft :messenger_tears_of_joy:)


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The Far Cry 2 apologists in this thread make me sick.

I plan on getting this on PC for coop if that works well.


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It will definitely be Farcry with a tiny splash of "100% not being political" political and social commentary.

Will be very Farcry since Ubisoft has been creatively bankrupt since Farcry.
So, real talk.

Where is everyone buying this?

I have a 3080, but it's in a system with a 6800k. I'm worried the CPU will let me down.

I also have an XSX and a PS5.

I'm leaning towards the PC, but the CPU concerns me.



6.9/10 or 9/10 depending on who has been bribed with a free limited edition Farcry 6 gaming chair.

Bribing Season 3 GIF by NETFLIX
Marketing people have this skill to promise EVERYTHING. I had my fair share of it. Gadgets, merchandise, free flight, free food, talking with you elongated hours like they care, calling you before review time. It's surreal. I just ran.
I feel, without jokes, they really put a lot of effort in this one, looks like Far Cry but way better and more fun

Will be the best of the series so far (cry), I bet on it


It's Far Cry,not a franchise that takes a lot of chances is it.....I think we all know what we're getting,lol.
No RT on next gen is BS. I'm thinking about boycotting this game just for that crime.

Far Cry... More like Far ASS for console.

Fuck you Ubisoft. Fuck YOOOOOUUUUU!

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