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Far Cry 6 Vaas: Insanity and Pagan: Control DLC - Gameplay


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Watch 12 minutes of Far Cry 6 Vaas Insanity DLC gameplay containing some story spoilers. Vaas: Insanity lets us play as Far Cry 3 villain Vaas Montenegro for the first time. The DLC is a rogue-like experience that starts by handing us nothing more than a pistol before challenging us to explore, and more importantly, survive Vaas' mind as we venture through the island. Uncover memories from Vaas' backstory, visit iconic locations, and take on enemies from the past in the first Far Cry 6 DLC.

Far Cry 6 Vaas: Insanity DLC releases on November 16, 2021. The remaining two adventures, both launching in 2022, will focus on Far Cry 4's Pagan Min and Far Cry 5's Joseph Seed.

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So fun fact about this: if you bought the Gold Edition from a retailer for the Xbox platform, there's a good chance your season pass will not be recognized, and you will need to report it to Microsoft.

Not sure who fucked it all up, but my guess is Microsoft...but we shall see.


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Watch 17 minutes of Far Cry 6 Pagan Min Control DLC gameplay (4K/60 FPS) at Mind Level 1, containing some story spoilers. The new Far Cry 6 Pagan: Control DLC puts us in the shoes of Far Cry 4 villain Pagan Min and challenges us to survive the terrors that reside in his mind.

In keeping with Far Cry 6's Vaas: Insanity DLC, this is a rogue-like experience in which you'll start with the basics and unlock new weapons and perks by completing trials. However, you'll lose all your cash when you die, so tread carefully. Explore a new world inspired by Kyrat, uncover Pagan Min's backstories to learn more about him, and retrieve three pieces of his golden mask to escape the island.

The Far Cry 6 Pagan: Control DLC releases on January 11, 2022. It's available via the Far Cry 6 Season Pass, and can be purchased separately, provided you own the base game. The Far Cry 6 Collapse DLC will focus on Far Cry 5's Joseph Seed, launching in February 2022.
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I feel like if you play a lot of Ubisoft games, then really you're not going to have fun with any of their main franchises. Fortunatley Ive been lucky enough to have other games for me to enjoy that Ive been gone away long enough to still enjoy this series. I havent played a Far Cry game this much since Far Cry 4 with Co-op. I bought 5, but I got bored fast. I skipped Far cry Primal and Far Cry new Dawn.
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I though you were already playing Far Cry 3 and 4 when buying 6, now here's a skin to make it official.


6 has been the best in the series since 3 in my opinion. Although I did skip 4. I thought 5 was terrible and Primal was good. Blood Dragon was also really good.
5 was terrible but 6 was the best? They are nearly identical wtf... 6 has a much weaker story IMO.


Opinion from someone who actually loved Far Cry 6...
Ubisoft really was low effort with this Season Pass.
These are basically the worst part of Far Cry 5, the nightmare sequences on a large multi-player map.
It was fun but not Far Cry to me.
I would much rather they invest in a Far Cry New Dawn type large single player DLC than these 3 separate lame ones.
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