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Favorite game names


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Hey GAF, what are some of your favorite game names? Here are some of mine:

Resident Evil: CODE Veronica
Sonic Adventure 2 Battle
Man of Medan
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
Devil May Cry

I could go on and on...what about you, GAF? What are your favorite game names?


Painkiller was good.. serious sam too funnily enough..

Conker's bad fur Day: live and Reloaded

Half Life

Deus ex

Commander Keen

Final Fantasy (legend suggests it was so named because it was their last shot at making a game that would work to stave off collapse)

Mr. Game and Watch

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My tears. Exclusive to gamepass. Forever.
Insert all popular game names here:

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Natsuiro Haisukuru★Seishun Hakusho ~Tenkou Shonichi no Ore ga Osananajimi to Saikai shitara Houdoubuin ni Sarete ite Gekisha Shounen no Hibi wa Sukuupu Dairenpatsu de Igai to Motemote nanoni Nazeka Mai Memori wa Pantsu Shashin Bakkari toiu Genjitsu to Mukiainagara Kangaeru Hitonatsu no Shima no Gakuen Seikatsu to Sekirarana Koi no Yukue

(That's one title)


thinks Halo Infinite is a new graphical benchmark
I'm picking Madden, I kinda like the respect to the legendary coach.

Halo Infinite I don't know if it's a shot at numeric, numbered games but it's also my pick.

Bad Company 2 is a wild name.

Uncharted: A thief's end, such a good name.


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I've never even played it but its got to be: CHRONO TRIGGER.

Thats an extremely cool name to me for some reason. Red Alert nostalgia probably.
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