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Fighting Games Weekly | 4/20-26 | Beowulf Wrasslin', Mewtwo Smashin', Netkode Krashin

128 points should be enough for Justin to qualify. He'll pick up more points at the rest of the US ranking tournaments. KOG however needs 128 here, because it's a lot harder to get points in the Asian ranking tournaments.




KOG was in disbelief lol. The thought of that round not counting because of the DKO probably crossed his mind for a nanosecond.


Man what a hype finish. I always thought of KojiKOG as that nutty thawk player from last Evo but he really does control the mid range really well
Koji showing us all what happens when you get really, REALLY good at SF4... You remember that being a mid- or low-tier character specialist makes you inconsistent.

For the record, he fought that matchup about as perfectly as possible. Lots of prediction in the footsies (notice the very high number of counter hits) and good respect up close. A few more guesses in his direction and he could've won.


Unfortunately it was the unhype version of Double KO that only happens in SF4. Where the guy with round lead wins the game, never liked it.
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