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Final Fantasy XV - In Progress: Wow…


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I mean, nothing will probably ever trump my top three, which is, in no particular order, VI, VII, and XII. But XV has it's moments


this is one of reason why i dont mind square go part by part for FFVII Remake

if they rush force to squeeze whole game into single installment, it will end up like this game.

lot of stuff get cut out, backstory being put into DLC or different form of media such as short anime episode. important prologue like Midgar section turned into a movie like Kingsglaive is for example. all these lead the main game released with lot of important part missing.

honestly FF15 might benefit another a year or two more in development but considering given how bigger supposed to be the 'vision' of the game, doubt it would be enough especially considered Square Enix is not Rockstar or Ubisoft who not just excel at making open world game but also has large resource around the globe. not to mention i doubt fans can wait longer since they been waiting for FFXV to launch for almost a decade(also another backlash of announcing a game too earlier). put aside of what people think about Nomura but looking back, people laugh at him when he said want to turn the game into trilogy before but he probably right all this time.

in the end FFXV is not the 'Versus XIII' that we all waiting for. it is pretty, flashy with tons of stuff that bring 'illusion' of great game but overall is like the OP said. example of a vision ruined by poor management. such a shame. sometimes it made me thinking that perhaps somewhere on our alternate timeline there exist a full, proper and complete experience of the game where the inital vision is intact, where the company didnt screw up.
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D.Final seeing this thread knowing he can't reply because he's banned



FFXV is probably the worst main entry. FFXIII isn't much better, but it had better gameplay and more polish at least. So does the FF cycle hold up? No, XII is the last good mainline single player FF imo, if we take MMO XIV out of the equation. XIII and XV are just bad games.

Altissia is very beautiful, the most memorable element of FFXV

Very much window dressing. There is absolutely nothing to do.


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I played it last year and loved it so much which I would not expect.
The game is weird mess but it feels magical.


The game is like a literal joke.

You’re on the way to Altissia but then your car breaks down. So you go stay at a hotel and then learn about the fall of your homeland by reading about it in the newspaper the next morning (the actual story is in the Kingsglaive movie).

Almost the entire game takes place in a region that’s like the size of a state park. There’s a whole network of little truck stop towns that are like 3 miles apart from each other.

One of the first quests is to drive a couple miles and go buy some tomatoes because the diner ran out.

There are some zany quest giver NPCs (lazy assholes) just standing around asking you to do their chores.

Lunafreya is barely in it and gets killed before you even get to interact with her.

There are parts where your party members conspicuously leave your party and have some mystery adventure that I guess happens in the DLC (haven’t played it)

And I took a picture of Cup Noodle with me into the afterlife.

Yeah that shit is DLC. And its pretty bad and found it a waste of time (Only did Episode Prompto and regret it).

There is so much bad about this game. The villain wasn't properly developed, so they added some shit post game to give him more context. They made him some sort of literal jesus that suffered for our sins. They even included his brother so that the story made more sense. Before that, they put some trailer footage in the game which play during dreams. They even redid a complete chapter, which you can play an alternative version of. Because the original version of that chapter was absolutely shit. And I think they also gave Iedolas more context there, since most players didn't even realize they already slayed him.

Ironically FFXIII is a better road movie game, as it actually funnels you towards your goal by means of travel without looking back. FFXV makes zero sense. You're like a stone throw away from the capital when the car breaks down. And you have no single idea of an invasion going on. These guys, showing off smartphones at every corner, are oblivious and read it through newspapers. how.

Then you need to drive back to insomnia anyway. Just to look at it from a distance and leave again. The pacing is completely weird. Some NPC's like Jared and Dino are more easily remembered than some significant characters because of their screen time.
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I ended up liking it overall, though it has many flaws, mostly that it's an unfinished product where the main story is very short and missing a lot of pieces. The "Royal Edition" adds a few of those pieces back in, especially at the end of the story; hopefully OP is playing that version. I thought the combat was fun though and it kept me going, easy to get into but hard to master.


The story was utter shit and I can't even remember anything about it anymore.

But god damn the game was fun to play and to explore. I platinumed it and enjoyed the roughly 60 hours I put into it. The extra dungeons etc were really fun.

2/10 for story, 9/10 for the gameplay and exploration.

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The open world section makes zero sense in the context of the story. It actually makes negative sense, if that's a thing. All it does is make you miss out on the biggest plot point in the game. Pointless trend chasing.


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The open world section makes zero sense in the context of the story. It actually makes negative sense, if that's a thing. All it does is make you miss out on the biggest plot point in the game. Pointless trend chasing.
Lol it’s true. You find out about the fall of Insomnia by reading it in the papers, then spend tens of hours dicking around in bumfuck nowhere, then finally you take a train to the empire and find out it’s already fallen.

Then you take a nap for 10 years and awake to find the world of ruin. Which you take a little car ride through on your way to the final boss encounter.
I enjoyed the first half, the adventure of it but then it gets absolute garbage tier and end-game is worse than garbage. Its like the game was made by 2 different teams and then just glued shit toghether.


Everyone has mobiles, communication using magic beings is also there... you learn about your father's death from a newspaper... Yeah, don't buy it. Sorry.


Was a short ride for me. Started with FF XII and ended with FF XV. Those were the only two FF games I played, mainly because I hate turn-based combat (yeah that’s right).

Can’t really bring myself to play FF VII Remake, even though it’s not turn-based, just based off how salty I was about FF XV. Effers over at Square Enix promised more for FF XV, and never completed the game. And I’m so over waiting for the next numbered title after Kingdom Hearts, I don’t want to invest time in FF VII Remake, only to have to wait however many years until part 2.

I wish some other company handled FF and Kingodm Hearts.
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Inspector Q

Watched both the anime episodes and that Kingsglaive movie in preparation to play this game. I think I lasted about 3 hours before I just turned it off. Never went back to it.

However, what I will say is that they did a daaaamn good job with this shit:

That shit look gooood, lol.


Started playing it yesterday because of the PS plus collection of course. Some friends played it when it was released and didn't like it.
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Started playing it yesterday because of the PS plus collection of course. Some friends played it when it was released and didn't like it.
Finished the game this weekend. My god what an awful game. That game is terrible in every aspect except of what OP says about the characters and their relationship. Looks awful even on PS5... 1080p 60fps and a lot of pop-in, jaggies, etc. The magic sucks... when i realice the spells had a limit of casting i forgot about it. Decided to play it on easy and only do the story. I forgot about everything else. At the end my level wasn´t high enough but at least there was no game over i just attacked until beating the bosses. Hated those last bosses. What the hell did Square do with this franchise?
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Game is a total clusterfuck. FFXIII at least had interesting combat and a guy with a bird in his afro.
I really liked the characters from XIII except for Snow, his personality was awful. he sounds really dumb, but I can't deny he is a hottie. I especially liked Fang, Light and vanille. 13 had the best cast out of all the final fantasies.
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You can really feel the Frankenstein nature of this game by the cut and sewn together mish-mash of its story, gameplay elements and pacing.

If you can ignore all of that and just accept it for what it is instead of isn't, it's a decent action adventure RPG with pretty good graphics for its time
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