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(for players with multiple platforms) how do you decide which platform to buy your games?

The sad thruth is there are no games that I ACTUALLY want to play untill they release Witcher 4 or new decent Silent Hill. After watching Gamescom and E3 lifestreams the best that gaming industry can offer is "Well, I guess I can try it when i'm bored" tier games. And Gamepass and Ps Plus covers all of them.
I can't even imagine not playing stuff like God of War Ragnarok, Final Fantasy XVI or Breath of the Wild 2 at release.


I have bought games on PS5 only for them to appear on Gamepass within the same few weeks. It’s a massive first world problem, I know. But still annoying. That said, the last time this happened was a racing game I bought for PS5 and that version has the cool trigger feedback on the controller that the Series X version doesn’t have, so not all bad. But yeah, I very rarely buy multi platform games now for this reason.


Switch exclusives only, still salty about Wii U

PS5 exclusives mainly. Not a fan of Sony this gen.

Xbox the backwards compatible stuff is amazing. Plus overall less quirks on Xbox. Most of my games are here now.


We ain't outta here in ten minutes, we won't need no rocket to fly through space
PS5 and Switch are 90% exclusives machines. Everything else on PC with rare exceptions.


Depends of the game but mostly are on Sony's consoles ,. The last on Xbox I got was RDR2 because the 4k 60fps on Xbox one X


PC >>> Everything else.
I have consoles only for exclusives because I hate hardware related compromises.
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