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Forgotten Gems of the Past. List some non main stream titles that you love!


Hunter: The Reckoning on xbox.
It's my very much remembered gem.
4 player co-op on one screen. Only played with all 4 one time.
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There was going to be, but it ended up as Dead Rising.
I've heard that Dead Rising has similar animations to Shadow of Rome, but I thought it was just some asset reuse.

Sad that Keiji Inafune and Yoshinori Ono are not in the company anymore. The chances of a sequel are gone (and a remake would probably ruin it)
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-Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen (before the series went 3d)
-Loaded (That sound track still thumps in my head when I think about that series...)
-Armorgeddon /Tanarus (f I remember right it was created to test the EQ engine. I remember playing it a lot when I was in the EQ beta. It kind of lost its luster when it launched as a game under the Sony Station subscription pass thingy)

edit - It just occurred to me. Sony had Station Pass (which was a subscription service for curated games) before MS had Game Pass. MS even stole the name. :) (joking of course)
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Champions of Norrath - me and 3 friends played this from start to finish one new years eve. It glitched at one point about 2 am and we ended up loading an old save from 5 hours earlier. Must have spent almost 20 hours on it in a 24 hour period.

Zak mckraken and the alien mindbenders
Baldurs gate dark alliance 1 and 2


Dark Earth, PC, 1997

A very interesting action-adventure with fixed camera and 3D characters, with gorgeous enviroments and very cool story and gameplay ideas.
This video explains it much better than I possibly can:
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Trouble Shooter for Mega Drive (Genesis). Very Short, but a fun game to play.

Hyper Iria. Fun game to play. I'm suck at it but it is fun.

Yuu Yuu Hakusho Final. Best Fighting game on Super Nintendo (SNES)


I just forgot to post another one.

Evil Zone for PS1. A really fun game that almost nobody hears about.

Ar Tonelico - Melody of Elemia. An RPG that almost no one talk about. The francise have 3 games. The 3rd was released for PS3 and changes the battle to a action rpg.

Eternal Sonata. One of the best games I played on PS3.

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Ok, time to list some C64 games, as that system is full of gems that have been forgotten by time

- Below the Root : An amazing adventure game with Metroid like exploration well before Metroid came to be. Still to this day one of my favorite games

- Summer Games 1 and 2 - the two games are close to 40 years old now and are still the best Olympic style games ever made. It did everything just about perfect on the Olympic experience, and official Olympic games games are missing feature these games had back then.

- Labyrinth - One of the best movie to game adaptations, a fantastic adventure through the world of Jim Henson's Labyrinth

- Hacker 1 and 2 - great games of international spies. Activision should bring this series back

and one more modern title

Natural Doctrine - yes the graphics aren't good and the story is lacking, but the gameplay in this strategy title is unique, refreshing, and so challenging. More people should give it a chance.

Patrick S.

Amiga Forever

K240 (got a PC remake called Fragile Allegiance)

B.A.T and B.A.T II

Megatraveller 2


Little Big Adventure



Fade to Black

Soviet Strike


thinks Halo Infinite is a new graphical benchmark
Love Majora’s Mask the 3DS version was an opportunity to bring in fans but it’s still forgotten.


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Only played it in the arcade, and dabbling with MAME back in the day. Same game as I remembered it. Awesome sound, hard as hell. Never completed it.

But if you watch speedruns, the experts make it look stupidly easy if you know the patterns and which magic form to get.

It also has the the best and funniest cut scenes.

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I truly believe if Fromsoft rebooted their old IP Lost Kingdoms as a Soulsborne game, that it would be incredible. Being able to construct a deck full of monsters from previous Souls game and summoning them to defend you make for a great game.

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I played Svea Rike so much as a kid, great strategy game taking you through the history of Sweden. It also has a really good board game based on it. The game apparently also inspired the Crusader Kings franchise, I kinda want to check those out now.


No one has forgotten Planescape: Torment.
It's one of the most beloved old school CRPGs and often pointed (rightfully or not) as the absolute pinnacle of the genre. Especially when it comes to writing.

It is but hardly anyone on here talks about it or mentions it as one of there favourite games.
Neither are games like Suikoden 2 or Xenogears but people mentioned it in this thread
I don't know if Landstalker for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis qualifies, but I love that game. It's better than most Zelda games I think.


(lots of interesting recommendations)

Loaded up Retroarch and tried Patchwork Heroes & Nervous Brickdown, both of them amazing. If they could be adapted and ported to modern consoles and PC, one could sell them without shame as they would be better than 99% of the indies.

As for my own recommendation, it would be Black Tiger. It would have been better known if it had console ports.

An overlooked gem, very much like Star Flight. Loved both on the Mega Drive and I hear the PC versions are even better

They are! Star Flight 2: Trade Routes of the Cloud Nebula was amazing as well. Excellent games.

Einhander. Somebody mentioned it earlier, and a lot of people probably missed out on that one.. My favorite shooter of all time,, and i don't think it's available anywhere.

Naked Lunch

There's tons I could list. I love the lower key type games. Here's a couple.

Ring of Red (PS2) - doesnt get enough love. Unique strat rpg.

Frame Gride (Dreamcast) -It IS Armored Core in a medieval setting. English translation patch is out there too.

Bangai-O Missile Fury (Xbox360) - one of the most difficult games of all time and one of Treasure's forgotten best. Still not on Backwards compat for some reason.

Progear (Arcade - and it i think its on switch) - Cave + Capcom dreamteam!
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So while it’s arguable that these are called gems, I feel like they are at the very least forgotten mostly(maybe not by some of us), they are certainly two games that played on my nostalgia in a big way and both games were fun and had really unique story themes and gameplay elements at the time.

Secret of Evermore

Thousand Arms

Battle gameplay

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