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Forza horizon 4 & 5 expansion pass 61p/7.5kr (Deal is dead)


Still have it on my account. Probably just a matter of time until MS removes it :messenger_loudly_crying:
I hope they don't revoke my DLC licenses as I own them already.

But they are also part of the deal, I dropped the 61p so I owned both games digitally incase they ever get delisted in the future (I own both on disc too) XD


ms needs to focus on making better racing games instead of nicole and diming people after they false advertised on their store.


How did you get it? It seems that for now, MS doesn't remove the giftcode and only refunded those who bought the game directly on their account.

I got the game directly into my account.
To this moment, it's still there. To my surprise.
Wait, how does this work? Do they revoke all the cars and money I earned from bonus wheelspins? (I already had the game)
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I finished playing through the Hot Wheels expansion last night, which was all I really wanted to do. Looks like I still have most of the Hot Wheels cars and achievements I earned, but the cars that came from different packs are taken away. Bummer that it’s gone but I definitely got my money’s worth for the short time I had it.
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Refunded here too.

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