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Forza Horizon 5 adding 4 Chinese Cars


Yes, the Horizon games uses the same physics engine and cars as the Motorsport games with tweaks to make things more forgiving and arcade-like. With all assists off an old rear engine Porsche will still swap ends way easier than something like a WRX, front-drive cars will understeer heavily if you throw too much power at them, the big trucks have more inertia, etc. You can even bring up the telemetry data in the games just like in the Motorsport games to see exactly what the suspension, tires and engine are doing at any point.

A good example is the Beetle, which uses a swing axle rear suspension. In a swing axle the suspension attaches at the car's center so as the suspension unloads it introduces a ton on negative camber and on compression introduces a ton of positive camber, both of which are accurately modeled in the game.
Aha, thanks for the explanation. Sounds interesting.
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Can tell not a single UK person commented in this thread yet

Those are motherfucking MGs lol

As an aside, the MG SVR is not even Chinese, it was MG Rovers last "hurrarh" before they went bust and were sold to the chinese company.
BTW as others have pointed out, the MG3 is Chinese made. Pretty good little car I've heard for the price.
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