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Forza Horizon 5 |OT| Are you a Mexican, or a Mexican't?

Kagey K

Hello, my name is Crusty B. and I'm an alcoholic game-a-holic. I wanted to hold off...

New Zealand is so beautiful.
New Zealand looks a lot like Mexico to me. 😁


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They weren't joking about the verticality.

Also, fuck this New Zealand trick bullshit. I can't get my Treasure Map to work. :(


Only two hours in and I already prefer it to Horizon 4, the map alone is a million times better.

Only time will tell if this can test Horizon 1 and Horizon 3 as my favourite racing game but so far the signs are there.

I do agree with someone who said they overdid it with the Mexican accents and so on, plus the writing is even more cringe than usual and who really wanted the player to talk in this?


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I spent all day thinking I could play when I got home but I have to wait until midnight. It was a shitty day too. Oh well, at least there's this thread and football on tonight.

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So I bought the $49.99 Premium Add-On Bundle so I can unlock it early through Game Pass. I go to Game Pass and the game doesn't even show up there as if it does not exists. I can't preload it or anything, wtf??? and yes i did manual search too and only Forza Horizon 4 shows up. What is happening??


So...turns out I have to go to Coming Soon section too see it and preload...dumb.
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Reports on Twitter saying that T10 will be taking action against people using the NZ exploit because it's messing up servers. Dang. Hope I don't get banned.


FH4 was my COVID game. Bought it at launch, barely played it, put it down, then played the hell out of it for over a year. It was one of the best games of last generation, full stop. Problem is I got to the end; I got all but maybe half a dozen of the cars, completed every challenge and event, etc. FH4 had issues, but as bad as some of them were, none of them outshined to the game as a total package.

I can't wait to sink my teeth into FH5. It's this and maybe three other games on my radar this season. Rare is the game for which I pay for early access. This is one of them.
The atmosphere they've created with the game and marketing being very unified is refreshing. I think one of the biggest talents of this studio is they deliver what is shown and they show off what is in game. Fun and performance, love it.


So far having a terrible experience playing on my racing PC. I have a Fanatec DD2 and if you don't use compat mode for CSW 2.5 the game constantly asks you to connect a controller. The game crashes anytime a cutscene starts if I have the wheel on. After the 3rd crash I was able to get through the starting crap by using an Xbox controller, but I had to watch the opening video 3 times with no way to skip it.

My sim pc has a 6600k and a 2080ti with a 3840x1080 monitor and the game says I can play on extreme and I can hit over 60fps but for some reason every 5-8 seconds I get 10-20 frame drops so it makes the game hitch. I even tried lowering the graphics to medium and the hitches still happen. I then hooked it up to my OLED 4k and it said I could run it at ultra, but got the same hitches so not sure if it's CPU related or not.


I think I’m hearing my XSX for the first time. And gosh I almost fried my hand when I put it on top of the console. Is everybody’s XSX reacting to this game in the same way?

By the way the graphics are bonkers and I’m in performance mode. Didn’t think I would see gaming get this far, photo realistic backgrounds streamed at this speed.
They weren't joking about the verticality.

Also, fuck this New Zealand trick bullshit. I can't get my Treasure Map to work. :(
Yeah, man. I think game version and expansions are linked to your region, so they won't unlock until the regional time. None of my Premium expansion content is showing. I don't think it fucked it up, just have to wait. At least, I hope that's how it will go. :messenger_grinning_sweat:🙏


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I have a strange bug with the game getting entirely pixelized. It's happening for less than a seconde and mostly in menu but it is really annoying. Example (click to see full screen):

Without the bug

With the bug

I don't have any resolution scaling activated. Other than that I'm really enjoying my time playing.

FH4’s world always felt bland to me, give me this/FH3 any day of the week
100% agree !
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