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Forza Horizon 5 PC: In-Game Ray Tracing Mod - RT On/Off Comparisons + Performance Tests

Forza Horizon 5 ships with ray tracing support, but unfortunately, it only works in Forza Vista and garage modes. However, thanks to Frosticles on the DF Supporter Program, a mod has emerged that allows for RT features to be active in-game - and crucially in photo mode. Alex tests it out and sees what the performance impact is on AMD and Nvidia hardware.


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I see why they didnt bother having it in game.

But really should have had an option in game.
Id assume they will add ingame RT as an option in one of the upcoming updates.


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DLSS and RT would have been a godsend in this game. Understandable they didn't include it as it wouldn't put their console hardware in the best light.


Xbox and playground games are underselling pc players as they see xbox and pc as the same.

Pc games need to be seen as separate entity's.

Use the advantages of pc specialities like dlss and Ray tracing etc
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