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GAF GOLD. The official 'Thank You' thread.


make sure the pudding isn't too soggy but that just ruins everything
Sometimes the Gafting Fairy sprinkles Gafting dust on those lucky enough to deserve it.
Do not question it. Just accept it 😃
I have to quote this to say thanks, because I never learned how to tag people lol.


Live from NeoGAF, it's Friday Night!
Am I immune from bans if I have gold?
oh yeah smile GIF by Collider
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Just over 10 years as a veteran Gaffer deserves at least a pat on the back sometimes.

Lordy has it been that long? Doesn’t feel like it.

I would like to apologize to GAF for my decade of being an asshole, mostly unintentionally (sometimes purposely). I try my best but I can help it; I inherited the type-A(sshole) personality from my father. :LOL:
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