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Game development is grueling and this give a good inside why

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Just finished Double Fine's psychOdyssey documentary and oof...

Gives a pretty naked and messy look how f*d up game development can be.

Even though I wasn't the biggest fan of Psychonauts 2, i'm way more sympathetic that this game (or games in general) even got made and release in the first place. Game development (especially AAA) feels incredibly unsustainable, mentally unhealthy and a small miracle that a game even ships in the first place. I personally work in film (dutch commercial and film writer director) so i'm a bit familiar and interested in other creative work processes, but film productions feel like a piece of cake compared to the chaos of game development.

Maybe this inside makes you appreciate the games you play more, even if they're disappointed in some way.

If you want a short recap:


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