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GAMER BOY- Belle Delphine ft twomad



All this creativity and her porn is abysmal. It's got horrible cinematography, bad editing, poor pacing, and needs to spend more time on the stuff that makes her a star and less time on ten boring minutes of repetitive motions and unfulfilling payoffs.
She looks pretty without the makeup. Slim but a nice body overall. Her b/g vids that I saw are ... Sometimes disturbing... Sometimes cool.

I couldn't hear ish... That's how I enjoyed the video
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hide your water-based mammals
Stupid son of a bitch internet breeds idiocy like this.

Think of how things were (minus the bad stuff) 50 years ago. People living decent lives dressing well. Country thriving and continuing to be a power.

And we have bullshit like this.

Bullshit is rampant. High quality bullshit. Grade a USDA inspected organic bullshit. But bullshit none the less.


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Holy shit some of those stunts and wipes looked pretty nasty from that dude, could've twisted his knee or some shit lol.

Also does she legit still wear braces or is it all part of the nonce fetish?
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