Games with Gold for November 2022: Oof Edition


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Get ready for the November Games with Gold lineup! On Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, prove your worth on the battlefields of Praetorians – HD Remaster and then bust up some ghosts in Dead End Job.

Xbox Live Gold members will have exclusive access to these games for a limited time as part of Games with Gold. So will Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members, who receive all the fantastic benefits of Gold plus access to hundreds of high-quality games with Xbox Game Pass.

Praetorians – HD Remaster

Rome wasn’t built in a day so lucky for you that Praetorians – HD Remaster is unlocked for an entire month! Set during the era of the Roman Empire, this is a real-time strategy game with over 20 campaign missions. You can play as three different armies – the Gauls, Egyptians, and Roman Legions – across three different lands. Every army has its strengths and weaknesses for you to explore and experience as you also exploit the flaws of your enemies. Use your terrain to your advantage. Battle your way to seize victory and become the Emperor.

Dead End Job

Seems like a lot of those ghosts from October are still hanging around in November, so it’s up to you, Hector Plasm, to strap on your vacuum pack, grab your plasma blaster, and get to work! Dead End Job channels the wild funsanity of Saturday morning cartoons, smashing together ectoplasmic gross-out gags, vibrant boo-tiful art, and slapsticky spooky comedy. It’s a procedurally generated couch co-op that you can play solo or with your Ghoul-B-Gone buddy. Do you have the inner spirit to put all of these pests to rest?

Read more about our Games with Gold program here and stay tuned to Xbox Wire for all the latest news on Xbox. Like we said before, if you’re an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate member, you get all the benefits of Xbox Live Gold, hundreds of high-quality games you can play on console, PC, and across devices from the cloud, and access to EA Play at no extra cost. New games are added all the time, so you’re never without something new to try when you’re looking to find your next favorite game. If you’re new, or if you’re an existing Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass for Console member, join or upgrade today for just $1.

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I cry about SonyGaf from my chair in Redmond, WA
Praetorians is a game for keyboard and mouse. I don't know how well it's gonna play with a controller.

The other game I don't know anything about and I don't think I'll miss out not wanting to.


Praetorians was a pretty cool strategy game back then. No idea how good the remastering is or how it works on a controller though.


Haha my god...

They gotta have a plan to fix/replace this soon.

Surely they are going to debut GPU Family plan by end of year and revise their overall offerings.


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They can't stop this without telling in advance because people pay for this shit. Don't know the specifics but I'm sure it's stipulated somewhere in the terms.
I have to imagine that the rumored impending price hike of Game Pass is going to some how correlate with XBL Gold being phased out. It's all but useless at this point.
If they remove gold and keep the mandate for online play that means people have to pay a hell of a lot more a month to play online with no other options. It also removes the ability to get cheap GP. The backlash will be high


They're literally giving people some of the worst games they can get. Its like they're going out of their way to look for the worst games.
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It’s time to drop xbox live gold. Just make multiplayer free, with ads on the Home Screen. Make all other paid tiers ad free. Problem solved. Stop with this shovelware trash.
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