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Games you love that you can beat again and again.


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Uncharted 4
TLOU Part 1
Nier Automata
Ghost of Tsushima
The Witcher 3
Resident Evil 2 remake


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I love that Wohc called out Kung Fu on nes. That was the first game I bought after SMB (came with the system).

I’m not particularly a modern Nintendo fan, but I still buy their hardware every generation and mostly end up replaying games like original LOZ and Zelda 2, LttP and Super Metroid. Pure nostalgia, and still some of the greatest games ever made.

I go back to Ico, SotC, and Rez. Love playing through the Bungie Halo games again on MCC.

I’m playing Half Life 2 and episodes right now.

Mirror’s Edge has been played to the point that I limit myself so I don’t become desensitized to the incredible mood it sets.
Just played through the 3d Bionic Commando on PS3 a few months ago. Does anyone love that game but me?

Any of the Souls games can be replayed at a moment’s notice. And Sekiro, maybe the best game I have ever played, gets run through regularly so I can maintain the technique I spent so much time learning.

Man, I’ve loved a lot of games, but truly I’m usually good with a single play through.
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