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Games you've beaten in February 2022


Hi fellow gaffers!

please list the games you have beaten in the past month, being February 2022.

Obviously, a few words on the games are more than welcome.

If you feel so, you can try to succeed in the 3 games a month challenge to spice things a bit.

So, what games have you beaten in February 2022 ?

P.S : sorry for being late, I was unavailable the first couple of days of the month, and then forgot.


Olli Olli World (incredible game, wish I could turn off the chatter before and after levels though)

Dying Light 2 (it was okay)

Zombie army 4 DLC (season 1 pass is now free)


Only two this month, I've been quite busy with Disco Elysium.

Bowser's Fury (Switch): The first open world Mario, even if very small. I liked the structure, a middle between 3D World and Odyssey. Gameplay is great but a tad too easy. Also the controls are bad during Bowser's fights and the objectives inside the levels are repetitive. A Nice experiment though, I would probably love a more polished and more packed iteration. 8/10
Halo Anniversary (Xbox One): I restarted the Halo series in online coop with a friend. First time I play it on another console than the Xbox. The game is still wonderful, with a huge upgrade in graphics. My only gripe is that the floods and their levels are not as scary as in the original. 9/10
After beating Metroid Dread at the end of last year in Normal, and then again in Hard, I decided to take on the ultimate challenge: Dread Mode.

I have to commend the developers of the game: once you get good enough to beat Hard Mode, you should have enough skills (plus some additional refining and pattern-finding) to make it through Dread Mode as well. I'm happy to say I finally finished this one-hit-kill mode last week. There were only a couple bosses that required a tedious amount of retries, plus, of course, the final boss. I would say 100 of my 428 deaths occurred on the last boss. Another 100-150 on other bosses, then the rest on random enemies throughout the game. Fortunately they give you LOADS of save points AND checkpoints, so it takes a lot of the frustration out of the experience. Overall still a fantastic game - but I probably won't try Dread Mode again anytime soon. :messenger_grinning_smiling:

PS Ironically, the section of the game I initially hated (the EMMI encounters) were the most relaxing in Dread Mode! Nothing to worry about except avoiding one enemy.


All played on a Series X:

BINARY DOMAIN - Pretty cool game, the way the robots react to being shot still looks awesome in comparison to more recent games. Story gets pretty interesting towards the end too, overall I'd say it was enjoyable. The voice stuff is busted and probably made things worse about 40% of the time, and the dialogue overall is super cringe, but otherwise the game was better than I expected.

Nobody Saves The World - Super addicting, the loop of leveling up forms to get more forms kept me hooked through to the end. I played the whole thing in co-op and it was a blast, game had a way bigger scope than it seems at first, would highly recommend.

It Takes Two - Probably the coolest co-op game I've played. Interesting environments, puzzles that really force communication and cooperation, there isn't much else like this these days, and it's polished as hell. Also has what I think is one of the most simultaneously hilarious and gut wrenching scenes in all of video games, but I wouldn't want to spoil that for anyone. Definitely a game worth playing if you have someone to join you

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Anniversary Edition - I was surprised how invested I got into this. The game is not without its flaws but I definitely had to see the mystery through to the end. Not sure this got much attention when it came to Xbox but I've got my fingers crossed we see the sequels some day.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Also a very enjoyable experience, but kinda strange to go to after Danganronpa as they are noticeabley similar. Overall the outside of trial investigating was far more involved in AA compared to Danganronpa, but I think I enjoyed the trials more in Danganronpa. Still, the writing is funny and the "puzzles" were never obtuse or frustrating enough to make me reach for a guide. I'll definitely be playing the rest of the trilogy eventually.

Alan Wake

Gears of War
Decent game, but it has aged quite a lot (don't know why I chose to play the 360 version instad of the graphically upgraded one). Gameplay is still solid, though, even if the AI made me crazy at times.

I'm now playing Gears of War 2 and it's so much better in every way. After that I'll jump into Gears of War 3 and finish the series (I played Gears 4 and 5 when they came out).


Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Anniversary Edition - I was surprised how invested I got into this. The game is not without its flaws but I definitely had to see the mystery through to the end. Not sure this got much attention when it came to Xbox but I've got my fingers crossed we see the sequels some day.
Danganronpa 2 is my favourite VN, incredible game.

I beat Metro Exodus, loved it, great graphics, gunplay and story. After Last light I thought the story was over, but Exodus was a great "Epilogue" chapter.


Ys9 Monstrum nox. 7/10
Fun, but the art direction took a massive step back from the previous game, and it focuses too much on its uninteresting story instead of its fun gameplay.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider 8/10
Heard bad things about this one but I really enjoyed it. Nice visuals and I really liked the bigger focus on puzzles and exploration. Plus the locations were much nicer than in the previous game (Peruvian jungle is more interesting to me than icy mountains). The ending was a bit underwhelming though and they still struggle with setpiece moments (which are still basically "run in a straight line as cool shit happens around you").
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Pokemon Legends Arceus and I loved every minute of it, besides mashing A through the ridiculously long textbox dialogue.
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