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Gamescom claims company registrations are up 10%, promises ‘major company’ return


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

That’s according to organizers Koelnmesse and The German Games Industry Association, which said in a statement that more companies have registered for the event than in 2022 during its “early bird phase”.

Gamescom’s early bird offer allows exhibitors to sign up for space on the show floor for a reduced rate.

While companies can still sign up to exhibit at the event, the world’s largest consumer gaming show, the early bird phase incentivises publishers and developers to commit well ahead of time.

Gamescom has yet to announce which companies will be involved, only that the first exhibitors will be announced “at a later date”. However, Oliver Frese, CEO of Koelnmesse claimed that a major company will make a return to 2023’s show.

“Last year, we made a really strong, hybrid Gamescom comeback together with all partners and exhibitors. In and beyond the industry, this achievement has been noticed, as was evident with the strong interest during the early bird phase,” he said.

“Without giving away too much, I promise that the community can look forward to one or the other major company that was not present last year.”

Last week the show’s new organiser ReedPop claimed that unnamed “AAA companies, in addition to indie darlings and tech and hardware firms” have committed to “making their return” to the LA Convention Center.
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