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[gamesindustry.biz] Sony maintains 80 million sales forecast

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I'll believe it when I see it. So far Sony hasn't shown much interest in cleaning up their supply chain issues and still throw out their restocks in dumb ass ways so scalpers and their bots can continue to eat them up. Sony and PlayStation seem on point on every front aside from the ones that involve actually getting a PS5 into a human being's hands who will actually use it and buy games on it.


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So they’re at around 21.7M now and expect to have sold an additional 58.3M in 8 months?

Sounds extremely optimistic to me, but I guess they’ve secured loads of supply in that case. It’ll probably be easier to know if this is plausible after the holiday season.


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There's no way that isn't some some of transcription error or typo.


Sony knows rheir business a heck of am lt better than I do. If they say they can do it then the world needs to take a step back and watch them try. This could be a big learning experience for hardware manufacturers everywhere.


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if it is a typo, then they fucked up hard as its in the article twice lol. Its just a forecast they made a while back, probably don't want to piss shareholders off until they need to as I can't see them making that.

This bit was more interesting imo:

Elsewhere in the call, Totoki was asked whether Sony needs to increase the price of PlayStation 5, to which he responded: “At this point in time, there is nothing I can tell you… specific about prices.”

Can't see that going down well at all, certainly won't help them hit that 80m!




They had a sales forcast of 18M for the fiscal year not 80M. Somebody clueless somewhere has just heard wrong.
What kind of shoddy reporting is that? Lol

The forecast is for 18 million by the end of the fiscal year. 80 million would require them to own the semi-conductor factories and have them in every major territory lol
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yeah I find it absolutely plausible that they sell 3x as many PS5 systems in 6 months than they did in almost 2 years before that... super realistic
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