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Gaming headset saves teenager's life from stray bullet

...and by a Razer headset, no less! Every Razer product I've bought falls apart within a year so consider me shocked.

Jonathan Gonzalez was playing PlayStation with his friends on April 1 at around midnight, when he felt like something hit him in the head.

"It felt like if you're wearing a bike helmet and someone just smacks the top of your head," he told CBS reporters on Wednesday.

Gonzalez's family is feeling blessed after being literal centimeters away from tragedy.

"It's still a trigger for me to process the thought that I could've lost my son," said Gonzalez's mother, Janet Popoca. "We were asleep and if it did hurt him, we would not have known until we woke up hours later."

Jonathan, just 18-years-old, began screaming — thinking he had been shot.

"If it wasn't for these on my head, it probably would've went through," he said.

He looked up and saw a bullet hole in his window. The shot apparently ripped the curtains over the window fixture off the wall, before ricocheting around his room and landing on his bed.

Luckily for Jonathan, he was wearing a Razer gaming headset, which somehow stopped the bullet from hitting him in the head.

"You can see the damage," Gonzalez said as he showed CBS reporters the point of impact left by the bullet on the headset.

Responding LAPD officers with the Harbor Division couldn't believe what they were hearing when they arrived to survey the scene. They couldn't find a shooter in the area, and they indicated that the bullet probably wasn't fired at close range.

Still distraught, Gonzalez said that the matter of inches and "thinking about it for the first week made me sick."

The family is still hopeful that an arrest can be made, but in the meantime they're learning not to take the little moments for granted, especially with how suddenly life can be turned on its head.

Razer sent Gonzalez a brand new headset after learning of the incident.

He posted it on Reddit when it happened on April 1st (so there were some doubts about the veracity), but CBS LA interviewed the kid yesterday.
Finally, douche bags ignoring their families rejoice!


It only took a kid nearly dying.

Hope you enjoy the moment proudly, douche bags!

Happy he’s okay.


It like one of those games where you have to shoot the helmet off the enemy before you can do the headshot, I didn’t realize those were Razer headsets I’ve been battling all these years.


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Talk about immersion. VR can't compete with that.

You can almost hear the bullets whizzing past. :messenger_beaming:

Note to gamer: Might need to spend a bit less time gaming and a bit more working to improve the neighborhood situation.

Seriously though, what a freakish thing to have happen.


Kind of sad that the major story out of this is the headset and not how shitty LA and it government is.
My first thought when seeing the story was, "LA is a fucking cesspool and should be burned off the map". Any headset would have stopped the round if it had lost all the velocity from distance, going through the window and ricocheting around the room, so honestly the brand of headset is immaterial. The takeaway is fuck LA, and fuck California in general.
Oh wow, what the hell ?!
I'm glad he's safe, he was extremely fortunate. Weapons are a plague.
Nice move also from Razer for offering a replacement. I wish they offered him an Ironman armor too for everyday life.
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