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GamingBolt: 15 Best Racing Games of All Time


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More like GamingDolt.

That site blows.

Where's AC? ACC? PC2?

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This is a list of best racing games – not best racing simulators.

There's a meaningful difference.
The first quote in the OP (which is the first sentence in the video) is this. It covers all.
Racing games are an interesting genre, capable of appealing to all kinds of players. From realistic sims to arcade titles, there's a wide range of choices available with futuristic settings, open-world games, and so on.

Let's take a look back at some of the best racing titles, and what makes them so great.
As for the list itself, it looks like he only likes the last handful of generations of racers skewed to console. Anything before that, arcade games, hardcore PC sims they arent into them. Not even one Mario Kart game?

I'd put Sega's Daytona USA and Indy 500 in my top 10. Not the kind of games for in depth home play, but in terms of pure adrenaline rush against other people theyre awesome arcade games. Indy 500 played on 8 linked up cabinets were crazy fun. I'm positive this was the game where they had cameras on it, so all the people watching gamers play could see their face and reactions on the little tv screens above. The giant cockpits moved.

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Daytona USA arcade
Ridge Racer PS1
Road Rash 3DO
The Need for Speed 3DO
WipeOut PS1.
Need for Speed Most Wanted (the orig one) 360
Super Mario Kart Snes

Some of my all time faves.

Dont really give a shit what some 22yo game journo thinks about this subject to be honest.
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Dirt 2 was by far the best Dirt game released and never gets its due. Forza Motorsport 4 has been the best one yet, same with Gran Turismo 4.
I love racing games, of all types, I've played hundreds since Pole Position on the 2600.

I've even played Kinetica on PS2 same as another member.

This list is shortsighted and just plain wrong.
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They should have put Need for speed undercover on the list, because of the appearance of Maggie Q.😛
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I wonder where is Gran Turismo 2? It was something incredible at that time. People bought PS1 for GT2.

Besides any Test Drive? Driveclub?


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Well, I guess that's a list...

I realize this is all subjective, but so many obvious omissions and odd rankings in my opinion.


What is this list, if you're going to make a list include PS1/PS2/Xbox

Gran Turismo 2 should be at the top. Along with FH1, Assetto Corsa.


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Another Gamingbolt article "The best 10 games in a genere that are also the only one I know"
I honestly hate that site. I don't hate many things, and I'll readily admit that hating a gaming website is pretty fucking childish, but I don't care. I hate it.

Every video of theirs I've ever watched has left me stupider than I was before. Zero useful information and low-hanging-fruit assertions throughout.

That their videos get tens of thousands of views makes me want to chew off my own lips.


FM7 at #2? Hahahahaha. I'm sorry, but no. Forza Motorsport 4 would be the only FM I'd entertain being on this list. PGR2 and DUB Edition being included, as well as DiRT Rally, gave me some hope though. Some bangers on there but yeah personally I cannot agree. But hey it's his opinion, not mine.
Where is GT3? There's a reason why that game sold like 15m copies. Back then, there weren't many games that sold that much. I think GTA 3 was the only other game that sold more.
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