GamingBolt: Why Max Payne 3 Was The Epitome of Third Person Shooters

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I think the first 2 were better, they were noire games.

MP3 was fine but i'd like to see it without the headache inducing effects surrounding it. The levels were cramped, and sometimes I managed it on the harder setting with sheer luck. But would probably play a remaster, i've beaten it only once and its ages ago.

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I watched my younger brother play this a lot when it first released. He's really good at R* games, fun to watch him play.

The story always confused me cause I never saw it in full. I remember the graphics and gunplay being really awesome though.


Played through this game back on the PS3 (I think on PS+). I thought it was absolutely amazing.

I replayed the game this year on PC at 1440p with keyboard and mouse and enjoyed it even more. So fucking good. I'm so happy I've got this game in my Steam Library.

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Just played this through in one sitting and I have to say John Wick is a limp dicked cocksucker in comparison to Max Payne.
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