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Garry's Mod has hit 20m sales

Stopped playing because of all the racist servers. Joined a movie theatre server and there was a gnome in the sewers that would say the n word and throw popcorn at you and knock you back when you got too close to it.

The game is literally 4chan memeville.
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Who spells "Gary" with two Rs?
Who spells ”Gary” with only one ”Gary”?

Gaaaary! Gaaary!


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

0:00 Main Menu
0:36 Inflator
1:39 Physgun
2:29 Noclip Speed
2:51 Face Poser
4:01 Trails
4:44 Spawning Stuff
5:46 Balloons
6:53 Player Model
7:41 NPCs
8:45 Painter
9:27 Material Changer
10:17 Outro


I played it back when it was still a mod. I had a lot of fun with it and met cool people. It felt like Fallout 4 basebuilding, only a decade earlier and with real people joining in. This was before Minecraft. We were building castles, bases, vehicles, and everyone was just experimenting with physics-based stuff and how to create things.
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