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Gears of War Developer The Coalition Working on New IP


Hmmm that's pretty low for multiple projects, these must be smaller games unless they're bringing in a bunch of people from their other studios along with outsourcing
We don't have real numbers for TC.
Even when they were 300+, the LinkedIn numbers were not correct.
Yeah, LinkedIn is a bad source in terms of accuracy and should have provided that context in the previous comment.

Tango gameworks had or has like 3 people according to LinkedIn, although Japanese companies would likely be one of the worst case in terms of accuracy.

I do wonder how contractors fit into the LinkedIn numbers generally.
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The only good thing about this news would be if they let another studio make gears from now on so i can have some hype for that series once again.
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The Coalition + UE5 =



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They are a pretty good studio and know what they are doing with the unreal engine.

I just hope that they give their new I.P the same high level treatment that they gave gears


I like how they're a 1st party developer literally tasked to handle the Gears franchise..but you consider them talent wasted on "some other people's ip" in need of "a shot"..

These guys went from making Relic Rescue and Microsoft Flight to helming a billion dollar franchise. That's what you call a shot. And they're doing a damn good job at it.

If you want to talk "wasted talent on other peoples ips" you need to direct that energy to Sony about Bluepoint.
Your comment made me think about this scene from Chasing Amy. :messenger_tears_of_joy:
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