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Getting very bad drift on PS5 controller

I went through the Sony support page and submitted a service request. It looks like my ps5 was purchased just over a year ago. If I send in the controller are they going to hit me for a service fee? Anyone know how much? The request was basically an address to send it in and not much more.


I've only demon souls twice, three quarters of bloodborne and the last of us 2 once and my ps5 par spinning left when playing games.

I've tried the game pad tester website and it shows the centre at a negative number therefore confirming an issue with the potentiometer for X on the right stick.

First time seeing drift on a controller and it's my newest gaming device.

Terrible issue that will definitely need improving from the companies that use these designs.


The only sticks I've ever had drift issues with were PC analogue sticks back in the mid-eighties and my Switch. Switch drifted from day one. Do we know exactly how widespread the phenomenon is? I see a lot about it, but I've just assumed that it's the small, noisy minority.
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