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Ghosts N' Goblins turns 30 this year.

Daffy Duck

One of the hardest games I've played, that game trolled me hard as a kid, got to the end and bang back to the start you go....I turned it off and went outside to play with some sticks.


I can get to the level with the skull things that have like tongues coming out and you have to jump them but i can't get ever get passed that.


What I find interesting about Ghosts n Goblins is that it more-or-less invented the "action-platformer" genre. Virtually every platformer that came out after 1985 imitated either GnG or Mario (with Rolling Thunder having some influence too.)
Went back to Ultimaite Ghosts n Goblins In honor of the anniversary. Made it to the end, but I need like 30 more medals.

Do you guys have any tips to "git gud"? This is the only video game series I've played that actually makes me feel like I just suck.

If you have any specific hang-ups, watch someone deal with it on youtube and apply that to your own play.

Even if you don't, it's good to watch high level play. Just like with shmups.


Was lucky enough to have this on C64 while it was also in the arcades. I'm sure playing both versions buggered up my chances of mastering either.

Revisiting it now I'm amazed at how well the arcade version has held up in particular. As mentioned already, the challenge is steep but mostly fair. Only poorly balanced thing are the weapons and how rarely they appear. Flame in particular is a game-ending booby trap.

Edit: ^Not unless you're this guy:




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