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Godfall: Challenger Edition launches December 7


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Following the acclaimed Fire & Darkness expansion and free Lightbringer update in August, we’re happy to announce Godfall: Challenger Edition, which allows new players to experience the game’s trio of endgame modes, minus the story content of the base game and Fire & Darkness expansions, and grants existing players new exciting features and rewards to enjoy.. As you already may have heard , Godfall: Challenger Edition will be available on PlayStation Plus from December 7 through January 3.*

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Godfall: Challenger Edition launches December 7

Let’s jump right into what players can expect in Godfall: Challenger Edition –

Instantly boost your player level to max level​

All players have the option to immediately jump to Player Level 50, which comes with a plethora of skill points and a spread of deadly weapons for your Valorplates.

Dive straight into the endgame​

Use your max level Valorplate to challenge Godfall’s three endgame modes:

  • Lightbringer, a battle against an all-consuming darkness that threatens to snuff out all light from the realms of Aperion. Players willing to persevere through selected banes will receive increasingly greater rewards – and face ever more challenging hordes until the blighted Heart of Darkness is banished in an epic final battle.
  • Dreamstones, engage in randomized encounters by reliving the memories of Orin and gain unique rewards each time you play. The curses bestowed on the aptly named Cursed Loot tier can be lifted by completing challenges in Dreamstones.
  • Ascended Tower of Trials, put your skills to the test in an ever more challenging climb to the top of the tower gaining boons and facing fierce bosses along the way in the pursuit of juicy loot drops.

New Boss rewards​

All existing Godfall players will receive The Challenger update for free, which adds new cosmetics for defeating the campaign bosses, as well as the ability to replay story missions.

Quest system introduces new Challenges and Legendary rewards​

The adventure doesn’t stop once you’ve faced Macros! All players will have access to the new Quests; an endless array of unique challenges that reward dedicated Valorians with legendary loot.

All Challenger features are available to existing Godfall players in addition to Challenger Edition owners.

Play with your fellow Valorians​

Godfall: Challenger Edition’s matchmaking and endgame co-op is compatible with all editions of Godfall and supports cross-gen play on PlayStation 4 and 5.

Easy upgrade to the Deluxe Edition​

Want to experience the story and campaign of Godfall? Godfall: Challenger Edition players can purchase the Deluxe Edition at any time to gain access to both the Godfall and Fire & Darkness campaigns, as well as a slew of weapons, items, and unlockable cosmetics.

We are incredibly excited about the opportunity new players have to jump into the fray and get their hands on Godfall’s incredible endgame experience. We can’t wait to see and hear about the moments you create as you challenge all those that dare oppose you in your fight against the enemies of Aperion.
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Many jokes could be made about calling it the challenger edition (think sports), but I would feel bad making them.


So give away the shittiest part of the game, which is the endgame. Great. Well I haven't played in months so maybe it's better these days, who knows. The story mode was all I enjoyed about the game. I mean the story itself was garbage but it had a nice sense of progression and difficulty and didn't overstay its welcome. Endgame just got frustrating and repetitive very quickly.


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Looks like the dev knows people will hate the standard game so they adjusted it to allow gamers to jump to the end with a maxed out character.

Then hope gamers love it so much they buy the game and start from the beginning.

If you were an evil supervillain, you'd have to admit that this is well played. You get your PS5 monthly game out on the same day that you announce a new version of the game, which is basically a demo.

That's what we in the business call a dirty switcher.


Yeah this is bullshit, me and a mate held off buying it when it was discounted because we heard this was coming on PS+, and they put up a fucking demo? Garbage.


And to think this was another paid for exclusive that basically was just a beta test. Thanks for testing as always.


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Who gives a shit about this game?
I'll pretty much give any game a try, for the right price that is.

If this were to come to PC it'd be discounted to a tenner in no-time (which honestly seems like a more fitting price for this title hehe).


This is really a shit move, i mean why not just include everything in one package.

If I am right, this game was reviewed extremely badly on release as in mediocre at best, they need to be putting every single bit of the content in the game to make the most of it.

Sorry but this is stupidity at its finest.

What the heck are they thinking.


I frequently wonder what the game's numbers even look like TBH. I personally don't know anyone that's ever really played it, aside from the folks I know that worked on it in some form.

I thought they were gonna go a F2P route, or something that was gonna be, well, smarter than this. This is surprising, and a pretty reckless step IMO.


this is the ps+ version Note that Godfall with PS Plus doesn't include the campaign. You start at max level and have access to three end-game modes and that's it. Campaign requires paying for an upgrade.


You know Sony doesn't own them right?

They made the deal and it is becoming a trend that since Jim took over they have been going for these terrible multiplayer focused games, like this and Destruction Allstars, several others too and then forcing PS studios to focus more on multiplayer.

Every move PS has made since Jim came in has been one to increase margins and cut costs, the art and quality doesn't seem to be even in the top 3 priorities anymore.
Games going to PC was enough for me to see he didn't understand one thing about the console model or about the customers he is supposed to be serving.

PS is not far off just being a blue version of xbox these days. Except Xbox at least offer value.... PS now doesn't have proper exclusives, is more expensive than everywhere else and has the worst communication and PR with fans and the worst customer service in the industry.
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